Monday, 10 August 2020

Kens Apothecary Family & Friends Sale

Because I have adblockers on, I didn't know until pretty late that a Family & Friends Sale was announced a couple weeks ago (I think?) via FB ad from a commentor on my previous post about this sale. 

Also because there's a pandemic going on, they're requiring people to sign up before going via webform so their office doesn't get swamped. By the time I found the webform (on other social media platforms), the best time slot I could go was like Monday afternoon cos a lot of people beat me to it already. So what the heck, I signed up for that.

As the week went on, I realised that I probably couldn't make it on Monday.

So when I was in the area on Sunday afternoon (rescheduled and rerouted massage appointment, long story), I went by their office (where the sale was happening) to see if I could talk my way into the sale after said appointment, which was 5 something p.m. by that point. I knew that they were ready to call it another day by then, but I figured I wasn't going to be long and there were other people too. I explained to the people at the door that I already signed up for Monday but cannot make it then. Lucky someone (I think) kinda recognised from my store skulking and waved me in?   

Left with my wallet still intact cos it's pretty slim pickings at this point (it's been a few days, they started on Thursday? and probably got beaten to it by personal shoppers): there was only Caudalie, By Terry, some REN products, some Sachajuan, Jack Black (no relation to the actor, I think). The only Goutal scent left was Eau d'Hadrien, which I recalled was citrus-y AF, so passed on that. The diptyque selection was even sadder; it was mostly stuff like stationery, pouches, scented sticks (?)... which was just as well, because I can't buy any more fragrances until I use what I have up, which is going to be awhile, based on my track record.