Sunday, 24 May 2020

Week 21, 2020 - Pandemic Raya weekend

This weekend being Raya (Sunday and Monday), which means a 4 day weekend for most working people. I don't quite understand the idiots who, despite the interstate travel ban, are trying their luck (and risking a RM1000 per person fine and having to turn back in the process) to leave town just to celebrate Raya. OMG YOU UOLLS, ONE YEAR TAK BALIK KAMPUNG FOR RAYA CAN DIE IS IT?!
  • Boost finally killed their cashout to bank account function (which is not something I use myself, but a lot of people abused the heck out of it).
  • I was probably half a day too late in a Radiohead vintage merch online sale - everything was sold out :(
  • This week I found out about a brand of overpriced microfiber cloths that's sold similar to Tupperware and Herbalife. Yup, a MLM microfiber cloth brand. 
  • Am kinda sad that GlassDharma is shuttering because of the pandemic, even though I don't quite understand how...?
  • Another season of Prodigal Son! Yay!
  • Word got out that a Jamie Oliver restaurant might open in KLIA post pandemic. Considering most of his restaurant empire has gone down the longkang, it's a bit meaningless now if you ask me. It's like the old bands coming to Asia for "reunion concerts" cos they know people here would pay to watch them rehash their old hits.