Sunday, 3 May 2020

Week 18, 2020 - Time to adjust body clocks again

They've loosened a lot of shit this week with regards to the MCO, it's bananas. I don't know how everyone else is, but I don't feel rested AT ALL this kns quarantine. 

This is it, y'all - most people are headed back to work on Monday after the erm, PM announced it on Labour Day Friday (after a lot of pressure from the SME sector, I imagine). Have no fear, next week got a couple of public holidays?

But it's still a lot of industries and businesses still not allowed to open, like schools, cinemas, sports and religious events, etc. Long list, don't really want to get into it here. I know the coast is not clear yet (no vaccine, no affordable and widely available testing), but no income is worst leh, especially if you're in a SME. If you can still work from home or have flexible hours or some other arrangement, good on you, then. Personally I'm all for staggered hours and not going into the office if you don't have to. 
  • First time getting road tax delivered to the house with MyEG, cos you know, pandemic. Mostly because wasn't sure if can go JPJ or even the post office for a new one. MyEG service and delivery is still cheaper than the insurance companies that will also renew and deliver the road tax for you. 
  • When you're in quarantine, you don't realise that Friday was Labour Day, which would ordinarily be a 3 day weekend, but meh. Dunno if it means the same if you've been working from home this entire time. 
  • The most recent in the series of U-turned decisions: they've backtracked on the bank loan moratorium - either pay the interest, or pay the 6-month lump sum in October. Dunno if it's true that Bank Negara is saying it wasn't them....? 
  • With schools still closed, does this mean that it'll be more or fewer cars on the road next week...?
  • The new Wall's bubble tea ice cream is not bad. 
  • BluInc, publisher of many magazine titles, has shuttered due to the pandemic and also they've been hemorrhaging money for awhile. The only thing I liked about their magazines was the contests, so I've been there more than once to collect the prizes cos the office is not too far away and is cheaper than paying them the courier fee to send it to you (no kidding).
  • I'm more surprised that Espirit in Malaysia had made it this long before their closure announcement. (Acherly, is the "t" silent or not one?)
  • It was a matter of time before there was a reported case at the local morning/wet market, which my mum doesn't go to much these days, but one of the aunties went and got themselves tested just in case. 
  • Petrol still cheap this week. Time to go pump petrol? 
I only hope that I can fit into my work pants next week...