Sunday, 26 April 2020

Week 17, 2020 - MCO Ramadan

I've already lost track of how long this quarantine is. It's also extended to 12th May, so no surprise there. I would be more surprised if it was lifted. 

Puasa month's started this week. You'd think that with all that time, people (by this I mean people not working the frontlines) could cook their own break fast meals instead of relying on bazaars or overpriced break fast meals. But I think it's been so long already, there's only much home cooking one can stand also lah. Despite people being told to stay home, most food establishments have put out their Ramadan sets and what not. Frankly I wouldn't mind trying the McD fish foldover at this point. 
  • I dunno why the gahmen thinks rescheduling Raya holiday is a priority and not, you know, FLATTENING THE DAMN CURVE or something. 
  • The only fast food thing I'm most excited about this week is the return of the choc chip biscuits at Texas Chicken. Am I the only crazy person that just goes to Texas Chicken for the biscuits? I'm not a huge fan of the chicken lah, to be honest.
  • I don't blame Singaporeans for freaking out about the closure of bubble tea joints during their CB period. 
  • Finally finished the first season of Making the Cut
  • In researching a new car insurance for this year, I found out the hard way (ie. had to call them) that Tokio Marine's online quotation generator doesn't work if your car's 10 years or older. Most of the other insurance company's quote generator's upper limit is 15 years. 
  • HBO also getting into the show reboot game with their version of Perry Mason (which I've always heard in passing, but never saw the show or whatever) with Matthew Rhys in the lead. 
  • Leverage is also getting a revival, with everyone except the lead back, haha. 
  • The Saint also reboot ah?