Thursday, 16 September 2010

How I Spent Malaysia Day

First time we get an actual day off for Malaysia Day (16 Sept) after all this time, and I spent the afternoon at the second home, aka 1U. Well, okay - I had promised the cousin (who's in PJ for the day, back in Malaysia for the week) to take her shopping for work-suitable clothes - so that was that. Fortunately for her, today happens to be the very last day of the Mega Sale.

Parking situation wasn't too bad, but ended up on the roof anyway. Rest of the place doesn't seem as crowded, so no real complaints there. But I'm curious to see what's gonna happen to the old wing now that it's taken over by the management of the new wing.

We also tried the new iced Creme Brulee Macchiato at Starbucks over the buy-one-free-one deal they had for the day for the Lemon Green Tea Ice Blended and/or Lemon Hibiscus Ice Blended (prefer the former over the latter). Didn't taste the creme brulee, and I would not be having it again anytime soon - I wasn't a macchiato fan to begin with, but I did need a post-lunch caffeine boost, so...

Anyway, at least she had a fruitful trip and I got some stuff as beneficiary, which I won't bore people about.