Friday, 17 September 2010

Epicure Malaysia 2010

Drove to Sime Darby Convention Centre in Bukit Kiara to check out Epicure Malaysia 2010, the leading lifestyle fair. I think most epicureans must check this out. I also like the free parking, so free that you just wait for the barriers to go up, no ticket to take... excuse me if I've never been there before, okay?

Anyway, visitors must sign in at the entrances and the first 1,000 each day get a free non-woven reusable bag (I'm tired of this material, would it kill anyone to give out CANVAS totes once in a while?) and a chance at the lucky draw. I was only around long enough to hear ONE lucky draw announcement and it wasn't me :(

It wasn't too crowded because it was Friday afternoon (I think), so no complaints from me.

Wasn't really in the mood to check out the workshops downstairs (not that they weren't interesting or anything), so I mostly stuck around Level 1, which was where the booths are - there's plenty of hardware (appliances, etc) and software (food), so there's something for everyone.

HALAL european sausages - who woulda thunk? There are special promotions going on here for the weekend, which you must go to find out for yourselves
Tasted the lamb, but the cranberry - not so much. But still delicious.
Not bad
Tasted the spice right away
One of the names behind this company was familiar to me; one half of Jarrod and Rawlins, don't ask me which half.
Swimming pools - go figure. Kinda wish I got one at one so I could do without a swimsuit... :P I'd be surprised if they made a sale this weekend
The different sake - which I didn't think was available for tasting
HOLY SHIT - Mini brand BICYCLES!! See the one on the furthest left?
It's a foldable bike - there's a promotional price just for this event for the weekend. I had a go on the bike once it was unfolded - was trying not to fall over because who knew carpet was a bitch to cycle on?
What's available - I thought the non foldable one wasn't too bad.
Too bad this is a kid's bike - I wouldn't mind having one of these. The guy manning the booth was nice enough to remove the bicycle pump that was there so that I could take this picture.
Prices of the bikes - if you have the pocket change, go right ahead :) I'd also be darned if the guy made a sale this weekend.
Checked out the Acca Kappa booth - one of the SA guys recognised me from the 1U store :P They also got this free gift redemption thing for which one must give away personal details (name, phone, email and gender) for a sample sachet of their shampoo (I got No. 1, for normal and delicate hair). Their booth also offer hand pampering sessions - I only got my left arm done, when I should've asked them to do the right arm :P 

They're still having their hair brush promotion (buy two from a select list for RM250 and get one for free). Personally, it's two brushes too many for ONE person to use on their heads. If I didn't already share the cost with two other people the end of the last year, it'd be hard for me to buy three brushes just for myself.
This Acca Kappa travel set is not available at stores (allegedly), just available there for the weekend. It's got a wooden comb (which is already about RM50, if I'm not wrong), travel sized bottle of body lotion and a perfume vial of the same.
Some of the other Acca Kappa products on sale there. I have no idea if it's cheaper than the stores.
Check out the cigar paraphanelia...
I only took a picture because there are a few people I know who drool over these things, myself included.
Les Floralies booth
Yogurt making demo - end product wasn't too bad, but I don't think I'll ever buy the kit. I only sat in because they were getting people to go..
Red velvet cake - RM5.90 a slice (Strudels booth). Got myself one, but the box they packed it in was ridiculously huge and awkward to carry around.
Had some sushi, and signed up for a Nagomi membership card, which was free, but still dumb as I don't go to Japanese joints all that much to justify it. But I did get a voucher for the trouble - a "buy one, free one shabu shabu" :P
From the Strudels booth
What a pretty stack
One wouldn't think it was made out of fondant (I'm guessing)
This. is. a. cake.
I personally have never seen such a huge tub of mascarpone cheese in my life - 2 WHOLE KILOS! No, I didn't ask if it was for sale or the price.

I suppose if you ate every sample available a couple of times, you could eat your fill... but really?

That said, I did try the cheeses, some wines, even a beer (sorry, still not a fan), meat, cookies, cakes, chocolate...there's also a Samsung booth selling TVs (but were playing movies like Monsters vs Aliens and Avatar, but not the new Simon Baker ad, haha) and across from those screens was the OSIM booth, so one could sit on the chairs and watch what was on the screen.
  • Tasted vegetable cheese from this local company - it was okay, but SO not the same :P But it was locally made, so it was a good effort.
  • Also had my first taste of blue cheese in years... not as stinky as I remembered going down...
Before I forget, it's going on until THIS Sunday, 19th September at the Sime Darby Convention Centre in Bukit Kiara from 10.30 a.m. to 7 p.m.