Sunday, 5 April 2020

Week 14, 2020 - Yep, still in quarantine

Just when you think we're in the clear, we get dragged back in for another 2 weeks. Granted that as of today, it would be 10 days left, but the numbers (even if I'm not following the news all that closely) is not encouraging. They've even added new rules to the lockdown, including only allowing travel within a 10-km radius of your house for grocery shopping, new hours for shops and eateries, etc.

Weather-wise, it's been raining heavily later in the day (but still hot as balls before that). Been spending afternoons tuning into Facebook livestream shows hosted by local comics, who also cannot perform cos the comedy clubs are also closed. 
  • Still haven't succumbed to getting a streaming service account, particularly Netflix. 
  • Despite the global pandemic, some companies still had some joke posts up and running on April Fool's Day. Kinda. Sort of forgettable, if nothing else.
  • But most Malaysians were busy crashing the Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat site on 1st April to check their eligibility for it than be annoyed by April Fool pranks.
  • Yesterday was (according to Google, any how) Cheng Beng. But no one's about to go to graveyards cos of the quarantine lah, so... 
  • After weeks of notice, Astro shuffled the channel numbers on 1st April, by HD and non-HD formats. 
  • On the plus side, Singapore is also going on a similar-ish lock down. They're calling it "circuit breaker" instead cos it's Singapore. 
  • The biggest story out of Malaysia to get the global attention was (what I'd call) Doraemon-gate: the dumb-dumb Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development had put out misogynist AF advisories for couples quarantined together for the MCO. You know you done goofed when even the Comedy Central late night shows (both The Daily Show and Lights Out with David Spade) mentioned it on their respective shows. Doraemon got DRAGGED khau khau through the mud for no reason, but the memes coming out from this was just hilarious. 
  • Chris Meloni is coming back as Stabler for his own spinoff on NBC. WHHUUUTTTT...?! (Not a prank)
  • The Hawaii Five-0 reboot ended its ten-year run this week. If I was Alex O' Loughlin, I would add to my contract to never have to do my own stunts ever again. (Those stunts in the first few seasons have done a number on his health)
  • Some how, HQ Trivia is back from the dead after it got fresh funds. It's pretty much back to basics at the moment - just Matt Richards, straightforward 12 question quiz, no extra gimmicks (or the other hosts) - with a charitable component, as they make donations to different charities every game. I only found out about it because I had forgotten to unfollow it on one of the social media or something. I had uninstalled the app as soon as I found out it was going bust, but somehow I still had my power-ups restored, so yay. But now I'm back to sucking at the questions (I would only make it as far as 4th or 5th question, if I'm lucky). 
Stay safe, y'all.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Week 13, 2020 - RMO Extended!

Because of the rise in number of cases, etc, the quarantine is now extended to 14th April. If nothing else, I have time to shop around for car insurance? Road tax dunno yet lah

I think I'm in the post nasal drip stage of the URTI, cos I'm still making snot wantans. So had to ask my mother get me some more antihistamines on her last grocery run cos I already ran out. 

  • Dalgona coffee posts have exploded everywhere on the internet, mostly because it involves ingredients most people would have lying around - instant coffee, sugar and er, hot water. What they don't tell you is hand whisking the stuff takes longer than it would take to drink the finished product. But when you have the time... why not? I'm kinda refusing to get on that bandwagon because I don't want to hand whisk. 
  • Found the box of disposable masks I bought for my mother some months ago - they certainly came in handy now for the COVID-era grocery shopping?
  • Between the lines to go into the grocery stores (cos social distancing) and the post-shopping decontamination, I can't even lah. I don't know how the "heads of household" do it LOL
  • Gahmen announced all sorts of things to cope with the crashing economy, which I don't want to elaborate on because that'll be too long. 
  • Tealive is selling a DIY bubble tea kit for RM150 - enough for 20 portions, but only if you like the Bang Bang drinks. 
  • Imagining everyone getting their online shopping deliveries from the middle of the month onwards from all the online shopping people are doing from home this RMO. If the courier guys weren't overwhelmed before, they're gonna be SWAMPED then. The shops that are delivering about now are for things I wouldn't want in a hurry one, LOL. 

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Week 12, 2020 - RMO edition

Whatever you're calling it, the country is effectively on restricted movement order (RMO) until the end of the month, where people are advised to stay home and not go out if they can help it unless you're working in essential industries or getting food and groceries. No mass gatherings, religious services, etc. Entertainment venues like cinemas, theatre spaces are closed. 

If nothing else, these two weeks are a great excuse as an introvert to stay home and do whatever. Can't say the same for the extroverts who must be getting bored out of their minds with cabin fever. 

This started on Wednesday (18th) after being announced with only a couple days' notice. It was chaos with out of town tertiery students getting kicked out of their dorms with no choice but to balik kampung and Malaysians with jobs in Singapore trying to get into Singapore before the lock down but would have no place to stay there. 

Good luck to them getting old peepur who already don't respect people's personal space to begin with to practice "social distancing". Old people breathing down the back of my neck while in line are the bane of my existence. 

Me, I was already under the weather with some URTI (I suspect the flu) since last weekend and wasn't already at work on Monday but had to go back Tuesday to wrap some things up before the RMO. First couple of days was kinda rough as the weather was hot as balls on top of getting over the URTI. But it's rained some the last couple of days, only making it mildly bearable. 
  • RIP Kenny Rogers. 
  • In NY a similar order is called "shelter in place" and in CA it's called "safer at home".
  • Kinda interesting to see the late night hosts cope with having to stay home with their own families - few of them are making home editions of their shows. Some podcasts are still going because (presumably) they're recording from home studios or have banked episodes. 
  • Quite a number of local standup comics also doing livestream erm, shows (for lack of better word) because of the RMO.
  • Started watching FBI: Most Wanted and all caught up now, 8 episodes later, over a couple of days.
  • Various services have offered up free use while people are confined to their domiciles - Scribd, Audible... 

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Thoughts While Watching... FBI: Most Wanted

With Criminal Minds now off the air and Hawaii Five-0 also going off the air (dunno if they finished production before the COVID-19 forced productions to shut down), I've been looking to fill the CM and H5-0 shaped holes in my TV watching. 15 and 10 seasons (respectively) is quite the time investment. 

My history with Dick Wolf shows: Too young for the original L&O in its original run, saw SVU reruns on and off for years but haven't been watching the last few seasons closely. Don't get me started on the rest of the L&O spinoffs that didn't quite make it. I don't quite have the energy for the Chicago franchise on NBC. 

So I thought I'd try Most Wanted because it only just came out earlier this year as a mid-season show. Only 8 episiodes to catch up on. 

FBI: Most Wanted is a spinoff of erm, FBI, but this one is about the Fugitive Task Force where they, you know, hunt down fugitives. I've not seen the parent show FBI, but I've been watching the NCIS franchise this long without having seen JAG, so I think I'll live. 
  • This is probably the first I've seen Julian McMahon is NOT playing a bad guy? (In my lifetime, he's the bad guy in Charmed, the ambiguous Dr Troy in nip/tuck, and erm, Dr Doom in the earlier Fantastic Four movies)
  • Isn't LaCroix that trendy sparkling drink I keep hearing about? Because that's all I'm going to think about every time I hear his name. 
  • Australians with American accents: McMahon's had his neutral American accent down for years; I dunno if Keisha Castle-Hughes (dunno if she identifies as Aussie or Kiwi more)'s character is supposed to be a New Yorker or something, but her American accent is leaning in that direction, reminiscent of Alex O' Loughlin's accent on H5-0.
  • The black lady's American accent is also not bad. (Didn't know she was English)
  • Which kinda makes Kellan Lutz the only American in that group? 
  • Wait, so when he's not working, he lives with his in-laws in a multi-generational household? Are they still in-laws since his wife passed?
  • No complaints about the in-laws being of Native American descent. Yay for diversity?
  • Wait, so the guy is also STILL WORKING with his brother-in-law?
  • (Went back and saw the backdoor pilot on FBI) It's kinda weird watching both Kellan Lutz and Peter Facinelli on the (small) screen together again? OMG Matthew Lillard's forearm got blasted off! (I'm still kinda amused that for a guy best known to me as Shaggy in the Scooby Doo movies, he spends the rest of his career playing bad guys)
  • I don't hate that the episodes kinda end with LaCroix at home with the fam. 
In a way, Most Wanted is kind of the typical CBS procedural show - Julian McMahon as senior team leader, Kellan Lutz as the young male muscle, Castle-Hughes as the tech genius, yada yada yada. 

I used to think that SVU and Criminal Minds was pretty dark, until holy shheeeettttt, this show get SO DARK (for a CBS show). Dunno if it's that, or just me getting older. 

I don't know if the show got picked up for more episodes or is even getting a second season, but it wouldn't be the first time a star-studded spinoff show not make it far.

But yeah, will keep watching.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Week 11, 2020

After weeks of disrupted sleep because of the panas gila babi weather we've been having lately, now I'm feeling a wee bit under the weather, which are pretty similar to symptoms of COVID-19 that's still going around. But I don't want to cause a panic if I went to a pharmacy or clinic for medication. 

I like how despite it being declared a pandemic now, Friday prayers are still happening. Just about every other event and gathering of a large group of people are being cancelled and/or postponed.
  • Now that Tesco Malaysia (and some other SEA countries) are sold to a Thai company..what's gonna happen next? Who knows.
  • Rest of the world has come to a screeching halt with the COVID-19 pandemic - stuff are cancelled or put on hold, etc etc.

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Week 10, 2020

Happy International Womens' Day... or what's left of it.
  • RIP James Lipton
  • New Agong changed the "birthday" celebration to the first Monday of June instead of first Saturday of June. Yay another 3 day weekend? (For now, anyway - until next Agong decides to change it up)
  • Petrol price dropped quite a bit this weekend. I still have some days to take advantage of it. 
  • Paradigm finally charging weekend flat rate parking after so many years, LOL
  • KENS apothecary is launching their own product recycling exercise. But getting past certain employees (especially in the second home) who always seem to be looking down their nose at you is another matter altogether. 
  • Because they always say bank notes are filthy, it would make sense that they could also harbour COVID-19 easily. But asking people to use cashless methods just reeks of some conspiracy theory.
  • New Bond movie release is now pushed to November because of... yep, COVID-19. 
  • After much pressure, Woody Allen's upcoming memoir is not gonna be published. Unless he self-publishes? 
  • OPR cut this week - lower loan rates, but also means lower FD and savings interest. 
  • With what's happening with the national politics the last few weeks, I don't think it'll ever make future textbooks. Not as it is, anyhow. 

Friday, 6 March 2020

First Impressions: Tropicana Gardens Mall

If you didn't know where Tropicana Gardens Mall is, I can tell you.

It's near the Surian MRT station. 

Went over on a weeknight because of the tenant store opening promos I heard about online. Easy to get to even in the pouring rain and traffic congestion cos got there by backroads. I don't know whether to laugh or cry that there's THREE Village Grocers in a 10 km vicinity (One in Tropicana Avenue on the way there, one across the road in Sunway Giza and the one in Tropicana Gardens).

About 10, 20% of the tenants there are already up and running, mostly F&B outlets. There's a bagel shop in there who's name escapes me, but since I'm not a huge fan of bagels (they also don't seem to have lox as a menu option, which seems like bull shit)... There's a long list of expected tenants and some of them are impressive - like the hotpot chain Beauty in a Pot (opening in August?). It's a bigger mall than I was expecting for a neighbourhood mall. The Village Grocer within is also pretty huge. 

Also checked out the new Times bookstore in there and it's tiny AF. The kid area alone was probably 70% of the space already, which leaves very little real estate for non kid books and stationery. They also gave people a 20% voucher, only applicable for there, but very slim pickings.  

Parking still free at the moment, no idea for how long. But not surprised if people are taking advantage of it to park and ride on the MRT?