Sunday, 28 June 2020

Week 26, 2020 - Yay, can go for massage!

  • Does anyone really want a Shopee co-branded credit card?
  • So the Ministry of Education released the revised school year calendar and people are going nuts/mad because the year end holidays are now down to 2 weeks. So far it's just the high school students (Forms 5 and 6) that are back to school...
  • Cinemas are allowed to open on 1st July. I laughed a little too hard on the inside when the cinema SOP was released, especially at the part where (again) kids under 12 and seniors over 60 are not allowed (at the moment) in the cineplex. As someone who goes to the movies on promo weeknights, I'm not complaining..
  • Thursday was Dragon Boat festival. Holler if you also didn't already know beforehand. 
  • In more country music news: Dixie Chicks have dropped the "Dixie" in their name. Long time coming, ladies. 
  • Best news of all this week.... spas and reflexology centres are allowed to operate again! But oh no, local therapists only! So the Thai massage places with actual Thai masseuses how?! Also, don't get me started on the mainland Chinese massage places. 
  • Petrol naik 9 sen this weekend, and there was a line at the local Shell station. 
  • Saw the recorded version of the most recent stage production of Michael Chiang's Army Daze on YouTube that the playwright put up. Will the sequel (also on YouTube) be better? 
  • After finding out that there's gonna be a Five Guys (burger) up in Genting, there might be a Taco Bell opening up closer to home... specifically Tropicana Gardens.
  • In case you didn't know, H&M's clothes recycling program is on hold due to pandemic. If you got old clothes to get rid of, you might want to try some other avenue. 
  • Laura Mercier Malaysia had their first storewide weekend sale in a long while: 30% storewide discount, half off certain items. 30% trumps Sephora's 20% discount, so yeah. Not sure if I appreciate being pressured to buy 2 loose powders by the BAs though (it takes me over a year to finish just one of LM's loose setting powder cos a little goes a long way, and I only started a new one this year, at this rate if I buy 2, I might be replenishing by the time my driver's license expires next)..

Monday, 22 June 2020

2020 Valiram Family & Friends Sale

This week they sent out emails (which you had to have signed up for either at a previous warehouse sale, I think) announcing the upcoming, multi-day Family & Friends "Private Sale" (in the broadest sense of the phrase), happening at the Ritz-Carlton. The catch is that because there's still a pandemic going on, they still need to do social distancing and attendees have to make an appointment (pick one of 4 time slots any day of the sale), get the email confirmation, etc, to go. The first time slot (Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon) were fully taken up, which was to be expected. Long story short, I decided I only had time to go Sunday afternoon (12.30 - 2.30 p.m.), cos I ain't nuts enough to go Sunday morning after waking up early the day before. 

So when I waddled my way to the Ritz, there wasn't much of a line outside, but checking in took a while cos had to do a MySejahtera scan, they have to scan the QR on your confirmation email, seal your bags, that whole thing. 

The sale wasn't so much in one banquet room (usually the case in the before-times), but spread out over 2 floors of banquet rooms and halls at the Ritz cos they've got the space? (face it, no one's having their MICE or wedding events in this pandemic). It was a single flow direction, like how IKEA is, minus the handy shortcuts.

Everyone was crowding the second floor because it's the first place you see. I decided to try my luck and went straight to the top floor and work my way down. There wasn't a line in any of the rooms I went to check out, so I didn't have to waste time in line to go in. If you're looking for bags and what not, you go to the top. 

Didn't take too many pictures cos there was a lot to take in, and I'm not sure how the organisers would feel about it. But that didn't stop the personal shoppers, etc.  

Most of the brands I was looking for was on the top floor in one of the larger rooms. Surprisingly they had Longchamp this time, but it's mostly old seasonal items and great if you're looking for a larger Le Pliage bags or whatever. The F&B brands (TWG, Godiva, etc) caught my eye, but not my wallet. 

The second floor was some skincare and cosmetics, other odds and ends. There was a room selling Swarovski I think, but I didn't make it there cos after lining up for what seems like forever, only for me to be in and out in less than a minute was tiring. Different rooms had different crowd management styles - one room did the "one in, one out", another did timed entry... it was exhausting, even with masks on. 

I mostly went in with the cuci mata mindset, ready to walk away empty handed, etc. As I was getting ready to leave the big room, I saw my current wallet but in different colour (from 2019 F/W season), which I didn't see in the first pass but otherwise had been actively looking for for months. I couldn't pass it up, because I was told that it was also the "last piece" . So I'm that much poorer today. 

By the time I went down one floor, there was a line formed outside the large room I was in. Haha. 

Was told by the guy who sold me the wallet that they're replenishing stocks in a couple of days, so maybe if you want to go (first time or not), there's always then? I dunno if I can muster up the energy (and credit limit) to go again. 

1. They make people choose timeslots to come; how they know if the people who were there earlier had left or not? Cos it felt like more than 300 people were in there lor...

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Week 25, 2020

  • Everyone is upset at the crazy high electric bills they got from TNB (which was based on estimated previous meter readings cos the meter readers couldn't exactly get out and about themselves). I also get that the consumption might be a little higher for residential bills cos people are home more, but double the normal bill amount is kinda nuts. By that logic, then commercial/office electricity bills should be lower cos most people weren't supposed to be at work kan
  • Sad but not surprised that SaladStop! in Malaysia had to close shop due to the pandemic. The only silver lining is finally uninstalling the loyalty app, but I didn't manage to delete my membership beforehand. 
  • Found out this week that the SOP reports are now to be done weekly. Well blow me down. I guess they finally figured out they don't want to read millions of daily reports. 
  • Valiram sent out emails about their F&F sale at a downtown hotel with social distancing measures in place - timed entry, crowd control, must RSVP, etc. I'm curious enough to go knowing that I usually come away mostly empty-handed, more so when going on a Sunday...
  • No more racist brands like Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben's, etc. Erm, okay...?
  • Another male comedian gets accused of sexual misconduct. 
  • Radiohead 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Would you get it?
  • myBurgerLab broke the news that there's a Five Guys opening in Genting. Cos there's a pandemic going on, I don't think it's any time soon. 
  • Woke up way too early to get the car serviced on Saturday (8 a.m. appointment, but because it's me I was about 10 minutes late?) because I didn't want to get hangry waiting for the car cos everyone is out to lunch. 
  • Uniqlo is putting out reusable masks made out of their Airism material, but dunno when and if they're ever going to be sold outside of Japan. 

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Week 24, 2020

Monday was Agong's birthday.
  • Some American media companies, most notably Bon Appetit and Refinery29, are in some trouble for being racist, so much so that the editors-in-chief had to resign. Until BA resolves their issues, nothing new on their YouTube page cos the talent are on strike until their BIPOC colleagues are equally compensated. 
  • I found out what BIPOC was...
  • Apparently they're cutting sales tax on (100% if it's locally assembled) cars, but who's got money to buy a new car now? 
  • Finally got my Sephora order, a little over a month later.
  • Miraculously managed to get a hair cut this week on the day hair salons and barbers reopened again. 
  • Apparently country group Lady Antebellum decided to change their name (after almost 15 years) to just Lady A because they realised the word "antebellum" might be more than a little salah in 2020, but I don't know how long the Lady A name will stick cos someone else already goes by that name, so these people cannot win, haha. Just as they got out of one hole, they fell into another.
  • After all the nonsense with Aflix hor, Ahmad Idham is back to his FINAS CEO post. 
  • With what's going on, COPS and Live PD finally got cancelled. That's just the "reality"-based cop shows.
  • GPO is reopened, but only if you're aged between 12 and 69. 

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Week 23, 2020

Another 3 day weekend in this CMCO. I plum forgot that Monday is gonna be the Agong's birthday. 

Apparently starting from 10th June, we're going into what the gahmen is calling RMCO, the "R" being "Recovery"?
  • PM announced a new recovery plan for the economy this past week, some of which don't make that much sense to me personally. 
  • New season of Queer Eye dropped this weekend...! 
  • Speaking of Netflix shows, Next in Fashion didn't Make the Cut. 
  • Now everyone can finally get their grooming on when those businesses are open again on Wednesday. I won't be surprised that prices might go up some to account for the disposables they'll have to use up to serve people, or how booked they're gonna be once it opens. I'll probably wait some more days to relieve myself of this shag I call my hair. 
  • But still nothing about massage places and entertainment venues. 
  • It seems like everyone that's ever worked with Lea Michele (sans the late Cory Monteith) is coming out of the woodwork about how she treated them. 
  • After a whole calendar month, I now have to wait a few more days because of the long weekend for my Sephora order. Woe is me. 
  • Finally unloaded a bunch of empties at the second home L'Occitane store, but not enough to fill a virtual stamp card right away. Decided on points this round only because I still have the deluxe sample rewards from the previous iteration of the program. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

11 Pandemic Annoyances

Why 11? Cos it's all I can come up with. 
  1. When the Selangkah app (Selangor's contact tracing system) or the equivalent does not work.
  2. When an establishment has no way to register other than having to write your details down, and scrambling to get your own pen out because you don't want to use the provided pen. 
  3. Leaving the house without a mask, so now you have to have spares in every bag, glove compartment, office... 
  4. Seeing used disposable masks as litter, which was gross before is now double the gross.
  5. The initial price gouging on pandemic supplies. 
  6. People who don't seem to know that QR code reading apps exist (Oklah, maybe phone too old or basic to install or whatever, but if you have a more sophisticated phone, it's no excuse in this day and age lah), and slowing everyone else down by having to manually write details down.
  7. People who put down fake names and phone numbers on the contact tracing paperwork, etc. Eh chao hai liddat stay home lah, no need to go out. 
  8. Are people driving SLOWER? It feels like that. Even though schools and driving schools are closed (at the moment). 
  9. Are you still supposed to let old folks ahead of you outside of the designated old people shopping hours ah? 
  10. The daily DOSH reports. If you don't know what that is - congratulations. 
  11. When the business has their own record taking system which doesn't work as seamlessly.
  • I'm calling out M&S (Marks and Spencer) on this: having people fill out their own form on small pieces of paper, which works if you have a few people coming and going, but not when a lot of people are coming and going. I don't know why people have to fill in the time out part of the form when you can't find mine when I want to leave. I feel bad for the staff that have to enforce this at the door. 
  • AEON also has people scanning their own QR code, and it's not just the department stores, but also their pharmacies (AEON Wellness) and the AEON-owned Daiso, so the next time you want to go to Daiso, you have to ask yourself, is it worth whatever you want to get at Daiso? 
Let me know if I'm missing anything else in the comments.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Week 22, 2020

School holidays this week - but with schools being closed this quarantine/MCO/PKP/etc, don't think it made much of a difference? If nothing else, the preceding 4 day weekend made the 3 day work week slightly more bearable. 

My sinuses are acting up again this week, between the weather and my crap immune system cos I can't get decent sleep. 
  • I admit, I spent some of the long weekend going around the KL malls that I wouldn't have been able to go to during the MCO. Which is small bananas compared to the people who were caught attempting to cross state lines just to celebrate their kampung Raya. 
  • The social distancing portion of MasterChef Australia have started this week. The measures they've taken are decent, but needs some getting used to as a home viewer. Also, I don't know why Jock is the one to make this kind of serious announcements on social media and what not - did the producers think that we won't take Andy or Mel seriously if they did those? I'm all for the social distancing measures if it means fewer offsite team/service challenges with strange crowds (which are not my favourite to watch) for the rest of the season. 
  • Speaking of which, apparently fan favourite Reynold is in deep doo-doo for homophobic sentiments he made at 20 on an online forum? Not excusing the homophobic content, but 20-year old guys say and post pretty stupid things at that age... Question is, who went and dug this stuff up? 
  • Petrol prices are slowing going up again as more people are headed back to work and things are opening up. 
  • But no one can get their grooming or relaxation on because the hair, beauty and massage places are still closed.
  • DBKL took their own sweet time and finally launched their own contact tracing app (KLStep) this week. Considering the number of shops in KL that have SELangkah (it's the Selangor version for Selangor businesses supposedly) posters when I was getting my exercise... maybe they were feeling the FOMO? I don't know if I'll come across the KLStep QR posters in the future, but will see if it's as easy as SELangkah? Will let you all know if I do. 
  • I thought it was kinda obvious that you would have to bring your own pen for when you go out - did people really need the Health DG to say so ah? Doesn't have to be a nice pen, just any cheapo working pen also can lah. He also had to clarify that you don't need to wear a mask if you're jogging or driving alone in your own car. Good to know? 
  • Forbes had to publish a piece confirming what the rest of us knew all along - that Kylie Jenner wasn't actually a billionaire. Er, no shit, you guys. 
  • If COVID-19 is a novel virus, doesn't it mean that most of the sanitising products on the market are useless because it might be the .01% of viruses that is not covered by these products?