Sunday, 9 May 2021

Week 19, 2021

As I type this, a bunch of places are now closed for 3 days of screening and sanitation because they were identified as potential HIDE (Hotspot Identification for Dynamic Engagement) hot (hur hur) spots, which is basically a bunch of malls and hypermarkets. 

  • The voluntary AZ vaccination drive has started this week. I wonder if the people who signed up for it are not just doing it for their own health and wellbeing, but also for the soc med content? Also, don't get me started on the double entendre-ridden pun #CucukMyAZ 
  • Am kinda sad that the Petronas Gallery in KLCC is closing after so many years. 
  • So Genting launched the online presence of their upcoming outdoor theme park and... so that's what generic, non-branded theme park looks like. To be fair, it was also like that back when I was a kid, so... same old, same old? 
  • I think McD was a little too late in joining the brown sugar boba ice cream fray... 
  • So another L&O spinoff joins the franchise - For the Defense, which focuses on the defense attorney side of things. So basically, Dick Wolf's version of The Practice? (I dunno if The Practice still holds up or not - is it on streaming anywhere?) 
  • Conan finally confirms the end of his eponymous show... before it goes to HBO Max.
  • I dunno what took so long for Tiffany & Co. to launch a collection of men's engagement rings...? I thought they would be all over it sooner. 
  • I didn't know Rugrats was getting a reboot... 
  • So Lilly Singh's late night/super early morning will not be moving on to a new season. Ohkay lah I guess. 

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Week 18, 2021

Took a 4 day weekend off (took Friday off cos Thursday was a holiday), which wasn't that relaxing, to be honest, cos..

Thursday: Tropicana Gardens Mall for the Big Bad Wolf Books sale

Friday: MyTown

Saturday: Pavilion/Don Don

On top of the chores and other stuff, so yeah. 

  • So the gahmen abolished UPSR and they cancelled this year's PT3 exams. I dunno if it's pandemic-related or a political move... 
  • There's been quite the mixed reaction to who the new NCIS: Hawaii lead is going to be: Vanessa Lachey, best known (to me) as TV host/presenter and for being married to Nick Lachey. After they announced the rest of the cast (who are as they say now, people of colour), all I can say is: At least it's not all white people? They'll all either be in it for a long haul, or it'll all be over in a blink of an eye (the CBS eye, haha). As a long-time NCIS franchise stan, I'll at least give the pilot a go. 
  • This week was the end of the MacGyver reboot. I wonder if CBS is ending the Lenkov-produced shows to financially cut him off...? (Is he still getting paid/credited?)
  • Gahmen is doing a vaccine clearance (specifically, the Astra Zeneca one which has had cases of blood clots going against it) by opening up appointments to people who want/don't mind the AZ vaccine who don't want to wait for the others erm, at noon today. 
  • I didn't know Microsoft was planning to replace Calibri as a default font choice.
  • Didn't know there's a Bookxcess popup in Atria, where the MNG store used to be.

Friday, 30 April 2021

2021 Big Bad Wolf Books sale

Due to the pandemic, last year's large-scale, round the clock sale at Mines was (kinda) cancelled, but they still did small-scale sales around the country whenever they could. 

The one this year was held in the convention centre space upstairs in Tropicana Gardens Mall, which is not too far (I could get there by back road if I wanted) and more importantly, did not involve paying toll. 

Wasn't crazy enough to go so early, so I only ended up there around 11 something in the morning, by then which there was no queue to speak of and I can just casually waddle in. It wasn't as large as the MIECC, which I'm okay with. It wasn't too crowded, but it was just mildly stuffy until the AC kicked in. 

All in all, I was probably there an hour at most. Even had time left over to sit through the longest wait for lunch ever and a quick stroll around Village Grocer and the Bookxcess store before calling it a day. 

Not much of a haul, so... 

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Week 17, 2021

  • New season of MasterChef Australia started this week, and it's the new(ish) judges' first batch of adult plebs, not former contestants or talented kids. 
  • NYT word of the pandemic: languishing
  • NCIS: LA got another season, yay! 
  • I dunno if anyone is really sad that the huge A&F store in Singapore is shuttering and is now having a closing down sale. 
  • Some schools got closed this week cos there were positive COVID cases, including one of the ones near me. In case anyone was wondering why the traffic so nice this week, now you know?
  • If they can write JK Simmons into the current MCU, they can definitely find a way to pencil in Alfred Molina's Doc Ock la, I tell you. 
  • I can't be the only one who wished they could get away with getting paid for 15 years of skipped work. Talk about gaji buta

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Staycation at Intercontinental KL

Before the pandemic, I would scoff at the idea of a staycation, especially at the concept of one. It's been over a year now, and between not being to cross state lines, let alone international borders... staycation it is?

I dunno how the guy who sells my dad the Gourmet Collection membership got his number in the first place, but we got a booklet of those (that we only recently managed to get the expiry dates extended to end of July) just languishing. So I took one of those vouchers and made a trial run of using it (cos I'm not the named supplementary card holder) by booking a one-night stay at the Intercontinental in downtown KL. Had to do it old school and phoned in a booking.

Parking: Maybe it was my dumb luck, but the parking gantry crapped out on me and it wouldn't dispense a ticket when I got there Saturday afternoon, also holding up traffic behind me. Had to have one of the parking staff pull out a ticket for me. Despite being reassured that all I needed to do was validate (again) at the parking office on the way out, I was left waiting for about 10 minutes because there was no one in said office to validate. Had to settle for yelling at the person on the other side of the "help" button on the exit gantry to get out of there. 

Checking in: There were several couples that were behind me in the parking lot (see above) who beat me to check-in at the lobby because of social distancing measures, so that took awhile. By the time it was my turn, I think they're afraid I might snap from the RBF I was giving out. I just handed over the hard copy confirmation email I got from them and also the voucher in question. It was one of the "special price" vouchers, which means I still had to pay for it; I wonder if they'll bat an eyelid when the time comes to redeem the complimentary stay ones... 

Room: Deluxe room with king bed on the 23rd floor (non smoking). It was plenty spacious for just lil ol' me. Slept fine until it got too cold for me. I just wished the in-room safe was big enough to stash a laptop flat without laying in on the side? 

If nothing else, I finally got to use the bath oils I haven't been able to use since there's no bathtub in my everyday life. Nope, I didn't get a bath bomb for the occasion.

Wi-Fi was not bad: it was speedy enough for me to stream my usual shows on the laptop. 

There's blinds for the bathroom windows if you're not an exhibitionist?

Finished most of the pod coffee before checking out.
Swiped the rest.

You bet I swiped these

Mostly wore one robe to the pool

Figured the shoe brush and horn wasn't for swiping?

Too many towels, but swiped everything else

Flashlight in the drawer

Pillow menu - ended up with too many pillows I never used in the end
cos I asked for a couple firmer pillows which weren't as firm as I expected

(back of card)

Other facilities: Due to the times we're in, you're only allowed 30 minutes at the pool. You know they keep the riffraff out because it's only accessible by keycard. Probably only got about 25 minutes total in my time there. At least I was the only person using it when I did. 

Also took advantage of the shuttle service to KLCC and Pavilion that only operates on weekends which was first come, first serve for in-house guests (they ask for room number). Caught the last one out for the day to go to KLCC, which is round the bend and down the road from the hotel and technically walkable (but why). It's been awhile since I was last in KLCC in the evening. Hopped on the GOKL bus for the long, circuitous ride back to the hotel several hours later when my feet were done for the day.  

Hotel shuttle to KLCC and Pavilion (FCFS)

Spent the rest of the night in the room sipping chamomile tea and kinda watching the Prince Philip funeral on CNN.

It was only at breakfast the next day that I realised there were more families with young kids than I thought. Because it's fasting month, Serena Brasserie was packed with non-Muslims. According to the info sheet I got at check in, breakfast was split into 2 sessions: 6 am and 8 am (?). I only made it downstairs before 9.30 a.m.. It was a typical breakfast service in that they have just about everything one could want for breakfast - nasi lemak, roti canai, Western, baked goods, dim sum... 

Hung around the room after breakfast, supposedly packing. Only made it out with minutes to go before noon LOL. Even the guy checking me out of the hotel kept asking if I had everything and all I could say was "I hope so?". 

Ate so much at breakfast it ended up more like brunch instead. 

Onion-free omelette, but it still had the onion flavour 

After having one of the pod coffees in the room before breakfast, I opted for hot chocolate
(they took hot drink orders as you enter)

Tried a slice of gluten free bread. It was ok lah I guess

All the mini salads I never partook

Got greedy and asked for poached eggs after the omelette.
Sadly, didn't finish the bread. 

Took one for later consumption in the room

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Week 16, 2021

Finally jumped on the staycation bandwagon and used one of the Gourmet Collection vouchers burning a hole in (not my) the pocket by spending Saturday night at the Intercontinental in downtown KL. Was watching the Prince Philip funeral on CNN from the hotel room later.
  • Yay new season of MasterChef: Australia is announced - it's next week!
  • Puasa month's started... along with the chaos that is Ramadan bazaar crowd control. LOL 
  • Fave now has new masters. 
  • I haven't seen The Bachelor in donkey years, but having the one finally come out as gay just as a show about him being out is immiment? Very sus. 
  • The story of the Naiise downfall ada banyak twist...  
  • Took Berjaya way too long for the local Starbucks to finally convert the reward system to the stars one? 
  • While I'm glad Magnum and NCIS is renewed, but yeah, nothing about NCIS:LA pun...?
  • RIP Helen McCrory 

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Week 15, 2021

 Weather mostly hot as balls. 

  • I'm glad Thandiwe Newton is using her clout to use her originally spelt name?
  • Finally got my Sephora online order from the most recent sale (my main item is whatever that's not available in stores) on Monday.
  • Finally, a LiHo opened up in PJ - yay no need to go to weird dodgy corner in Midvalley already?
  • Now IKEA is going into air purifiers. Oy. 
  • Who's gonna watch a movie about the Easter product (Marshmallow) Peeps? I've tried those years ago, and they're gross AF. 
  • RIP, MacGyver. What other Lenkov show is still on? Oh yeah, the Magnum, P.I. revival. 
  • Hello, Kung Fu (CW revival) and Law & Order: Organized Crime
  • A certain head covering magnate is in deep doo doo (who's been in deep doo doo since her recent nuptials, her honeymoon, etc) about "muslim-friendly" slippers. There's cheaper slides they can buy if they want slippers they can wear socks with. The Japanese also no problems wearing socks with thong-ed slippers with the tabi socks, what. What nonsense la this person.