Sunday, 17 March 2019

Week 11, 2019

Arm update: got X-rayed after complaining to the doctor about the lingering pain and there was the tiniest of fractures in the elbow. So had to get a couple of elbow guards to wear for the next 4 - 6 weeks. Certain fine motor movement still painful to do: who knew turning key in the car ignition would hurt so much?! 
  • Saw Captain Marvel this week.
  • Driver's license renewed for another 5 years and change - yay! 
  • It might as well the end of the world for some people when Facebook and its related services Whatsapp and Instagram was down for hours at a time this past week. 
  • AEON stores in KL gonna start charging for plastic bags in April. 
  • Thursday was pi day. 
  • Got a ticket to see Iliza in Singapore in June. I seriously hope that more stops won't be announced. 
  • Shooting happened at a Christchurch mosque during Friday prayers this week.
  • Top Chef season finale this week - I had a feeling that person was gonna win based on the winner's edit in the beginning of the season. 
  • Everyone's favourite Masterchef Junior is back. 
  • Apparently you can now buy "Idiot Sandwich" bread shaped earmuffs in Gordon Ramsay's Vegas restaurant. 
  • I'm glad Penang finally has it's own IKEA store if it means it will be less crowded in other stores. 
  • New season/reboot of Project Runway started again - yay! I suppose if it took so many seasons for people to know Michael Kors, why not Brandon Maxwell? Also nice to see Christian Siriano return to the fold as a more involved mentor...? 
  • New season of Queer Eye

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Renewing the driver's license

When I last renewed my driver's license in 2013, it was mere months before gahmen announced that the expiry date would be your birthday (so that people won't forget to renew), and also the more myKad looking license. Yes, I was carrying the old school, laminated driver's license this whole time. 

Because I had some free time/procrastinating at work, I decided to try to renew my driver's license at the post office a little early (few weeks?) in case I couldn't do it next month. Because the expiration date is not the same as my actual birth date, they couldn't do it for me there and was told to go to JPJ to sort it out. 

At least it's not a drive down to Padang Jawa cos the one in PJ New Town is still around, so off I went. And parking was still free there. 

Took a queue number in Block A, only to be told to go to the next block over for license renewals.  It was hot as balls there - the ceiling fans weren't on despite the running aircons, which made it stuffier than it had to be. 

When it got to my turn, the guy also realised that my birthday is not in April and I had to spend 80 cents photocopying both IC and driver's license at the onsite photocopy service and shlepped it back to him. Then he took my IC, driver's license (both real and photocopy) for some officer in the back room to set things straight. 

Some minutes later, I was called back to the counter and it was RM180 instead of RM150 (for 5 years renewal). When asked why, it was to account for the extra 10 months or so between April 2024 and January 2025, which for them might as well be a whole year. At this point I was both hot and annoyed, so I just paid the extra RM30. Then I side stepped over to the printing counter with the receipt. I was asked if I wanted the IC pic or the old license pic. I went with the IC pic only cos it looked slightly better. More minutes went by before I finally collected my new driver's license and was out of there. I was there about 40, 45 minutes? And it was after 3 p.m., so YMMV. 

At least I don't have to worry about this until 2025. 

TL;DR - if for some reason or another you're still carrying have the old school laminated driver's license and the expiry date on there is NOT your birth date, skip the post office and go straight to your nearest JPJ/RTD. 

Monday, 11 March 2019

Captain Marvel

Cashed one of the free TGV vouchers to watch Captain Marvel. Kept the fluid intake to a minimum so that I didn't have to take a pee break for the next couple of hours. 
  • Kree naming system so lazy one: either existing names or dictionary words split into syllables with extra vowels. WTF. 
  • Why Annette Bening? The question should be "why NOT Annette Bening?" (To be fair, I didn't know Annette Bening was in this until she came on The Late Show to promote this movie)
  • I laughed so hard at the Goose (the cat) scenes. Also figured that the name would be a Top Gun reference. 
  • Who knew Fury was such a cat lady? LOL. 
  • Who knew Talos was so damn funny... especially when he was shaking his head after Goose scratched Fury's eye.
  • At least they gave Gemma Chan more to do in this movie than other Asian ladies in the MCU... 
  • This movie explains how Fury lost his eye...I would've lied my ass off about how I lost my eye other than "the cat did it".
  • No wonder Jude Law can't really talk about his role in the movie, cos WTF man. 
  • The music in this movie appeals to the 90s kid in me - Garbage, Nirvana, No Doubt... 
  • Whoda thunk that Mar-Vell was such a fan of Top Gun?
I thought it was oklah, but we all know it's just another stepping stone to Avengers: Endgame next month. And whatever Phase of the MCU after that, because most of the Avengers that survived the snap had pretty much fulfilled their Marvel contracts already. 

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Week 10, 2019

Well, on top of my sprained arm (or "soft tissue injury") during my grandmother's funeral, I also got the flu this week. I suppose between the hot weather, lack of sleep, etc, would do that to a person. 

  • Finally saw Gold Rain and Hailstones on Tuesday night. Also got Jit Murad himself to sign something (ticket stub), but not a copy of his book of plays. 
  • Apparently Yaohan the department store is alive and kicking in... Macau, of all places. 
  • Bro and mum attended another day of prayers on Friday. I had to bow out because I'm still kinda contagious thanks to the flu.
  • Stringfellow died this past week. 
  • Now Laugh Factory is countersuing Harith Iskander... for stealing trade secrets? 
  • A bit late to the game, Maybank launched their e-wallet/virtual card and account for people who are skittish about giving randos their actual bank account number for online transactions.
  • Those of you using full-sized Facebook Messenger on their Android devices might like to know that there's a dark version available but some loops are involved. 
  • Finally got to try the "halal"/pork-free CKT (actually fried by Chinese person) in SS3. Oklah, but prawn could be fresher.  
  • Anyone seen that pineapple eating hack that's making the rounds?
  • Finally bored enough to watch the second season of Dr Pimple Popper.
  • I didn't know Malaysia got mermaid school. 

Saturday, 9 March 2019


Saturday: So my grandmother finally left her ailing corporeal form on Saturday morning. To be fair, I thought it was just a matter of time because she wasn't looking that well when I last saw her at reunion dinner. 

Because it was so sudden, I imagine that it must've put a damper on people's plans (if they had any) - I had a ticket to Gold Rain and Hailstones that night (which I got to exchange for another performance for a nominal fee and it was SOLD OUT), one uncle was in JB... I don't know about anyone else. 

To be honest, I was kinda dreading the funeral ceremony based on what I heard about my grandfather's funeral all those years ago (I was in the US then) - it was a long drag of a Taoist ceremony. I was expecting this to be no different. Especially with my dad being the eldest son.  

The 'rents got us (the sibling and I) rooms at a nearby homestay because having at least a dozen people and only one bathroom in the whole place is not pretty and they knew we (I mean my bro) hated that situation growing up. 

Sunday: The wake where people came to pay their respects, etc. Mum's siblings came by, as well as some of Dad's friends, colleagues, etc. As the "senior" daughter in law, Mum had to offer a portion of the food to her late mother in law before anyone else could eat. 

The funeral rites were LONG. Most of my other cousins either grew up with her or had a better relationship with her than I (or my bro) did. I would like to think they were tearing up because she passed, but it's probably because of the billowing joss stick smoke, etc. One cousin was noticeably absent because he just had a kid and it was just bad ju-ju.

Luckily for me, my Mandarin comprehension was (still is, TBH) shit because I don't really know what was going on even though the group conducting the prayer had a LED signboard with erm, subtitles for the spectators (almost the whole town showed up like they had nothing better to do on a Sunday night) to follow along.

I don't know if the people conducting the ceremony really knew their lines or were lip syncing, but wow, the waterworks... Several sessions over several hours. Tiring was an understatement.

The ceremony ended with us lugging all the paper money and stuff we were supposed to burn at a nearby open area and not looking back as we walked away. We only finished this portion of the ceremony after midnight. I was just ready to crash because the funeral starts at 10 a.m next day.

The catered meals were not too bad, I guess, under the circumstances. The auntie cooking them had A LOT of erm, wisdom, to share. 

Sure got people buy the "registration number"
for 4D already... 
Monday: More ceremony and at one point I slipped, landed wrong and my right arm hurt like a MOFO and I couldn't drive at all.

One of my mum's first cousins came and joined in the final walk around the kampung (he was carrying our bags and stuff) before we went off to Semenyih. The route was closed to traffic. My bro (as "senior" grandson even though I'm my dad's firstborn - yay for sexism?) and even a cousin-in-law (my aunt's eldest son-in-law) had to lead the procession with my dad and his siblings.

Because of my arm, I didn't join them in the burial process at the plot. But my bio-aunt joined us in Semenyih (who was noticeably upset when she came by on Saturday night because grandma had been her last living bio-parent).

After she was finally laid to rest (finally occupying the space next to the grandfather), we all travelled back, mandi bunga, had a bit of hair trimmed off (or else cannot get hair cut for 100 days or something like that). And apparently my bro missed the part where we were supposed to dispose of the sweaty, unwashed mourning outfits we were wearing (for a night and day straight, mind you) before we got back. (Which I only found out when from some of the cousins at a gas station on the way back; changing with a sprained arm was a PITA)

But it was time for me and the sibling to head back to PJ because it was too early to eat the provided meal. Stopped for dinner on the way home at the infamous halal CKT in SS3.

All in all, there was a lot of missed and mixed messages and it was chaotic AF. It was also hot and miserable for this candle princess. And I'm sick and tired of regular 100 Plus now.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Jit Murad's Gold Rain and Hailstones (2019 Production)

The Instant Café Theatre Company presents
by Jit Murad

Outspoken and liberal Amy had always felt like a mutant back in Malaysia. So when her best friends Nina, Jay and Man returned home after studying abroad Amy stayed on. But now Amy’s beloved Bapak is dying and she hurries home. Amy’s homecoming causes chaos as she annoys, infuriates and exasperates her old friends. As she reconnects with them, Amy soon discovers she is not the only one struggling to belong. Successful 'Melayu Baru' Man, feisty upper-class wife and mother Nina, as well as fabulous celebrity make-up and beauty guru Jay, have all made difficult choices and compromises to belong in their own country. But can they accept each other’s Malaysia? And can they learn to love the hailstones?

Gold Rain and Hailstones by Jit Murad is a hilarious and often poignant tale of home, identity, friendship and family.

Directed by Gavin Yap
Featuring Ghafir Akbar, Sharifah Amani, Redza Minhat, Farah Rani

To be frank, when I had to exchange my ticket (from Saturday night to Tuesday night), I thought it was going to be a quiet, not full house, average middle of the run Tuesday night performance.

Good call having the book on sale.
Only got a programme and mug because they were RM 5 each.
Mana tau it was the totally opposite situation, and Jit was actually in attendance. Okaylah, the post play discussion might have something to do with why he was there. Him being there opening night is one thing, but the middle of the run?

One of the things I couldn't believe was that the play was going to be an hour 50 minutes without intermission. Which was an improvement over the 2.5 hours I sat through all those years ago.

To be fair, this production has 4 different actors playing the dozen or so parts between them, so the load is a little lighter, maybe?

This production got bigger budget than the previous ones, and it shows...

Check. out. this. stage. If it was me, I'd be bruised up going up and down those stairs. 
All I can say is: so that's what this play would look like if they had more money. I think some of the text was taken out. (Had to quickly skim through the book). Also, a lot of people didn't stay for the post show thing cos it was almost 11 p.m. when it all finished.

Post play making-of discussion, moderated by producer Jo Kukathas
If you can still get tickets you should go..(heard it sold out)

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Week 9, 2019

I know I'm a little late with my weekly update/recap, but since no one reads this, it really didn't matter. 

  • Gahmen proposes a congestion fee and maybe free toll usage during off peak hours. 
  • Trevor Noah managed to slip a Xhosa joke on the Oscars stage that only South Africans got. 
  • Not one, but TWO local ice cream joints are selling White Rabbit candy ice cream this week. White Rabbit candy is not my jam, but if it is for you, then go nuts. 
  • After having won a couple rounds of HQ Words, I finally won ONE round of HQ Trivia after months of playing. Just glad that the extra life wasn't wasted. 
  • Another Taiwanese bubble tea place opened shop in Malaysia. Maybe I'll just wait to see if more outlets pop up before bothering. 
  • TGV is having a ladies only screening of Captain Marvel next Friday night because of International Women's Day. I think I'll just use one of my free movie passes instead because people will line up for anything free, not so much because they actually want to see Captain Marvel
  • McDonald's released a salted egg yolk sauce to accompany the nuggets and erm, loaded fries. I thought the sauce itself tasted a bit too sweet. 
  • Paternal grandmother passed away suddenly (but not unexpectedly) on Saturday morning. Which I imagine must've put a damper on a lot of people's plans, not just my own (had a ticket to see Gold Rain Saturday night, but luckily I could exchange it for another performance).