About Me

If you've found your way here, welcome!

Started this blog as a second year psychology student way back when, to record my daily events ala Doogie Howser, so that I could look back because my memory's pretty crap and unless I write it down, I'm likely to forget. 

The blog title was inspired by a bit character in an old Cartoon Network show - if you've figured who in which show, there might be a prize in it for your trouble :P

What I find myself blogging about here these days are whatever piques my interest: Life and events in the Klang Valley (if and when I can and do go), some food and drink, stuff I got (free or otherwise), the occasional exciting Klang Valley-related finds, the odd product review - a little bit of everything, really. 

I also have a short attention span, hence the inconsistent length of the posts.  

Things about yours truly
  • watches way too much TV - it's easier to ask what I DON'T watch
  • member of the hoi polloi - unlike some other bloggers, I don't get to attend media events too often, so excuse me if I act like a total idiot at these things when I do get to go.
  • inexplicably obsessed with Starbucks merchandise 
    • planners [open to exchange with planners from other countries, just let me know so I could get another to do it before they run out], 
    • keychains, 
    • tee-shirts,
    • not tumblers (unless they're the Japanese ones, which are so cute), Bearistas, mugs (will consider on a case-by-case basis)
  • Podcast nerd
  • a sucker for collectible Moleskine notebooks
  • a contest junkie
  • always on the lookout for a bargain/deal
  • enjoys standup comedy
  • likes the occasional live show, concert, etc
  • enjoys the late night talk shows
  • a mall rat
  • lover of free stuff and swag
  • a Twitterer, Bookcrosser and Facebook-er; yes, I do have accounts on other sites
  • occasional shopaholic
I also usually try to keep pictures of me as well as the people I know in real life (friends, family) out of the the blog and the blogosphere out of respect for their privacy as well as my own. 

Anyhow, thanks for reading. 

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