Sunday, 18 August 2019

Week 33, 2019

Short work week this week. But it's also the school holidays, so no real point going anywhere? Also, haze is still lingering, so urgh. Also dealing with mild sniffles - the kind that's enough to annoy, but not enough to go see a doctor about. Oy vey. 

  • Paid the public holiday surcharge and braved the school holiday crowd at the L'Occitane Beauty Market, and to use up the Popular voucher I got from the Pyramid bookfair (for use only at the Midvalley outlet). 
  • It was only a matter of time before Jack Black and Jack White got together to record something as Jack Gray (geddit?). 
  • HK protestors protesting at the airport, making it impossible for travellers to get in and out. Good time to spring for travel insurance? 
  • Black Whale in SS2 opened this weekend. Yup, not going anywhere near there. 
  • Am kinda sad that Instinct is not getting renewed for a third season, but I hope they managed to wrap up their current season over the next 3 episodes. 
  • It's also sad that Elementary finally ended its run this week. 
  • Saw Tales from the Scars on Friday.