Sunday, 10 March 2019

Week 10, 2019

Well, on top of my sprained arm (or "soft tissue injury") during my grandmother's funeral, I also got the flu this week. I suppose between the hot weather, lack of sleep, etc, would do that to a person. 

  • Finally saw Gold Rain and Hailstones on Tuesday night. Also got Jit Murad himself to sign something (ticket stub), but not a copy of his book of plays. 
  • Apparently Yaohan the department store is alive and kicking in... Macau, of all places. 
  • Bro and mum attended another day of prayers on Friday. I had to bow out because I'm still kinda contagious thanks to the flu.
  • Stringfellow died this past week. 
  • Now Laugh Factory is countersuing Harith Iskander... for stealing trade secrets? 
  • A bit late to the game, Maybank launched their e-wallet/virtual card and account for people who are skittish about giving randos their actual bank account number for online transactions.
  • Those of you using full-sized Facebook Messenger on their Android devices might like to know that there's a dark version available but some loops are involved. 
  • Finally got to try the "halal"/pork-free CKT (actually fried by Chinese person) in SS3. Oklah, but prawn could be fresher.  
  • Anyone seen that pineapple eating hack that's making the rounds?
  • Finally bored enough to watch the second season of Dr Pimple Popper.
  • I didn't know Malaysia got mermaid school.