Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Renewing the driver's license

When I last renewed my driver's license in 2013, it was mere months before gahmen announced that the expiry date would be your birthday (so that people won't forget to renew), and also the more myKad looking license. Yes, I was carrying the old school, laminated driver's license this whole time. 

Because I had some free time/procrastinating at work, I decided to try to renew my driver's license at the post office a little early (few weeks?) in case I couldn't do it next month. Because the expiration date is not the same as my actual birth date, they couldn't do it for me there and was told to go to JPJ to sort it out. 

At least it's not a drive down to Padang Jawa cos the one in PJ New Town is still around, so off I went. And parking was still free there. 

Took a queue number in Block A, only to be told to go to the next block over for license renewals.  It was hot as balls there - the ceiling fans weren't on despite the running aircons, which made it stuffier than it had to be. 

When it got to my turn, the guy also realised that my birthday is not in April and I had to spend 80 cents photocopying both IC and driver's license at the onsite photocopy service and shlepped it back to him. Then he took my IC, driver's license (both real and photocopy) for some officer in the back room to set things straight. 

Some minutes later, I was called back to the counter and it was RM180 instead of RM150 (for 5 years renewal). When asked why, it was to account for the extra 10 months or so between April 2024 and January 2025, which for them might as well be a whole year. At this point I was both hot and annoyed, so I just paid the extra RM30. Then I side stepped over to the printing counter with the receipt. I was asked if I wanted the IC pic or the old license pic. I went with the IC pic only cos it looked slightly better. More minutes went by before I finally collected my new driver's license and was out of there. I was there about 40, 45 minutes? And it was after 3 p.m., so YMMV. 

At least I don't have to worry about this until 2025. 

TL;DR - if for some reason or another you're still carrying have the old school laminated driver's license and the expiry date on there is NOT your birth date, skip the post office and go straight to your nearest JPJ/RTD.