Sunday, 24 February 2019

Week 8, 2019

  • Harith Iskander is suing Laugh Factory for not paying out the rest of his winnings. Woah. 
  • BBC has started another MY-SG food feud by saying that yee sang is a Singaporean salad. WTF. Batu api betul angmo ni. 
  • Gahmen wants to charge congestion charge after abolishing tolls. Not sure which 6 hours of the day they're gonna charge, but it's gonna be interesting to see. 
  • Finally got to try Tiger Sugar cos the line wasn't so long. 
  • Finally went to the myBurgerLab in Bangsar. I wonder if the new sides (curly fries, fry dips) are available in all the other outlets as well. 
  • Fallon's Bernie Sanders impression went sideways when certain Malaysians thought he looked like Najib. Er, perasan much, Malaysians