Sunday, 11 November 2018

Week 45, 2018

Today is the 11.11 sale (which is like Chinese Black Friday sales), but I already kinda blew my personal credit limit before this, so even if there was anything I want or need, I'm gonna have to selective about it.
  • Had to tweet Bird (like oBike but for electric scooters) because some idiot tried to sign up for it with my (somewhat) OG email address and I was getting multiple verification emails. Thankfully, they told me that they had removed it from their system. I hope it stays that way.
  • Tuesday was Deepavali. To everyone who had the foresight to take Monday off, I salute you. But I couldn't even if I wanted to. 
  • Besides the plastic bag ban, the Selangor gahmen is looking to ban plastic straws too... or rather, if you really want one, you'd have to ask for it. I dunno how you'd charge for a disposable straw like you do a plastic bag. McDonald's have stopped simply giving them out recently and unless I forget to repack, these days I have some reusable straw on my person anyway. 
  • Even Pos Malaysia is cashing in on Mickey's nonagenarian celebrations by issuing Mickey philatelic stuff (postcard and stamp sets). Will update if I remember to go to the post office and got them since they go on sale tomorrow. 
  • Who wants to watch a Jonny Quest movie in the 21st century?  
  • Artbox is finally making an appearance in Malaysia. Sadly though, it's in the middle of Sunway, so it's more congested than usual.