Sunday, 1 July 2018

Week 26, 2018

  • Used up the GrabFood coupon (RM15 off first 2 orders) I had cos it was the last week to do so. 
  • RIP, Old Man from Pawn Stars
  • Renewed passport on a Tuesday afternoon, and it's good for about 62 months. 
  • Took me long enough to join the HQ Trivia bandwagon. PS. If you're signing up, my username on there is "synicalrules"
  • Weekend was jam packed with comedy - Dr Jason's show on Saturday in Brickfields, and Jo Koy's show on Sunday at KLCC's Plenary Hall. 
  • Tropicana City Mall is now known as 3Damansara. Go figure. 
  • Took IKEA long enough to finally have an online store, but I think I'll stick to going on weekdays. 
  • We The People (the Singapore-based, physical store for Kickstarter products) are having roadshows in KL this month - yay. Whether I'll find anything I like however, is another matter.