Sunday, 1 July 2018

Jo Koy: Break the Mold Tour

I bought a ticket as soon as the KL stop was confirmed and on sale (well, as soon as the tickets for Jimmy Carr's show went on sale, didn't want to pay the online transaction fee twice). The most I've seen of Jo Koy up to this point was when he would go on the late night talk shows. I can't remember if I ever saw his full specials, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But I do know is that some of his material come from his Filipino background and occasionally about his kid. 

The initial plan was to go a little earlier and walk to KLCC mall and back. By the time I got there it was already like 7.45 p.m. and after my tumble the night before (fell off an oBike; got some bruises on my legs and ego, but I can't walk properly at the moment, so..) I wasn't up to power walking there and back (it takes about 10, 20 minutes just to walk one way), I was like, eh, let's just go to the show.  

They lumped all the gold and silver ticket holders (the not that cheap seats) to a free for all, first dibs on seats (show didn't sell out, I think). So I got myself a seat here.... the first row of the so-called Gold section. So I sat there for over an hour while I watch everyone else take their seats cos I didn't want to lose the seat. Ended up between this older white couple (the guy didn't look terribly amused as he didn't know who he was beforehand) and this younger group of people.

The audience breakdown here is mostly Asians (and of course, Filipino) with a sprinkle of white. 

The warmup act did about 20 minutes and was pretty funny. 

It was a bit awkward watching Jo Koy use us to cobble material for his next Netflix special for almost 1.5 hours. I was kind of relieved that he mentioned off the bat that he won't be repeating Netflix material (people were audibly disappointed), but I haven't seen those, so.... okay lor. The most I laughed at was his mother giving out mismatched, pilfered fast food napkins at a birthday party. The crowd work was so-so: names were butchered, but those people paid more to have that happen to them, so...

For how much I paid, I thought it was so-so, but I wouldn't have paid more for what happened.

Post show selfie taking madness. Didn't stick around too long. 
Got home earlier this time, after 11 p.m.

Fun fact: Whenever you see a comedian's full length special on Netflix, etc, whatever that was on there is DONE. You won't hear that stuff in person after that. That's what the touring is for: to get people to pay for them to work out material for their next special. 

PS. Wisma UOA II on Jalan Pinang (located right outside the convention centre entrance) is a viable place to park for occasions like this - it's RM5 flat rate on Sundays.