Sunday, 17 June 2018

Week 24, 2018 - Father's Day/Hari Raya

Happy Father's Day... if you're celebrating. And Hari Raya being on Friday and Saturday meant a three day weekend for everyone else. A lot of work places started getting quiet this past week as everyone's beating everyone else out of town, which I guess didn't really work cos everyone else also had the same idea? Apparently traffic was really good on Raya Eve? (Allegedly)

Weather still hot as balls.

  • World Cup's started in Russia on Thursday, which was still Ramadan (which might explain Saudi Arabia getting creamed in their matchup?). How annoying would that be, having to leave town as a football fan. But since the games are being shown on RTM, that's really a non-issue? 
  • If you're not a sports person, there's a new season of Queer Eye also out this weekend. 
  • Went to KLCC one last time to collect the Bookfest tickets that I won, but since I was there so late, I gave them away to this couple who were about to spend RM5 on entry. 
  • McD's D24 McFlurry is back. As someone who doesn't really like McFlurry, once is enough for me. 
  • Since Kate Spade's passing, anything bearing the name has increased in price, especially in the second hand market. Which I find odd because the family doesn't even own the brand anymore, they're just giving Tapestry (Coach's parent company) more money only. 
  • Finally found an excuse to check out Bangsar South this week - to change Touch n Go card and transfer the balance to a new card. After finding out the hard way that it's already expired... at the toll plaza. Cis. 
  • Car key also finally came apart. Cost 3 digits for the guy to remove the chip from the old to transplant to the new key body. More cis. 
  • Malaysia's best known TV cross dressing Nyonya passed away this week. 
  • Saw Mike Vecchione perform at The Crackhouse on Saturday.