Thursday, 14 June 2018

Touch n Go replacement at Bangsar South

Had been using an old Touch N Go card for work related travel and it was so old, it doesn't even have the newer features the current ones do, like the expiry date (in case you didn't know, it's supposed to be 10 years, which is twice as long as Singapore's ez-link card) on the back of the card. 

2 weeks before it's supposed expiry date, the card finally crapped out on me at a toll plaza. Luckily it wasn't peak hour and I had my own personal TnG I could use. But it means I had to go to either Bangsar South aka Kerinchi or KL Sentral to get it replaced (for free) and also transfer the balance to a new card. Lucky I had registered it to my name or I had to drag my dad along with me cos it was his (never registered). 

I dragged myself to the Bangsar South office... which you can Google or Waze. 

So I parked outside the Sphere (I think each tower's basement parking is only for employees) and walked over. I totally didn't see their queue management system and walked up to the counter without getting a queue number. Which made no difference since there wasn't anyone else there. 

TL; DR - had to fill out a form, surrender the old card, and got the balance transferred to a new (generic) TnG card, which took only a couple of minutes. There were also several vending machines and a cafe kiosk inside, which (of course) only accepts TnG as a mode of payment. I suppose it's a good thing there were a couple of reload kiosks just sitting there...  

Probably the only SSK I've encountered that takes reload by card... wow.
 So I took the chance to reload all the TnG cards on my person by card.

I didn't realise that there was also an AEON MaxValu Prime/whatever you call it in the area and I bought a couple of lunch boxes back instead of having to go out for lunch again later.