Saturday, 30 June 2018

Jason Leong - Ambitious

When it was first announced where the KL leg of this tour was gonna be (Shantanand Auditorium), I admit, I was like "wuuuuuttttt....?" 

TL;DR - it's on the first and second floors of the Temple of Fine Arts (TFA) in Brickfields. Hokay, then. 

Of all the dates, I only went with Saturday night because I don't want to deal with the Friday night traffic (especially the Jalan Maarof stretch) and there was Jo Koy's KL stop the next night. 

So I left a little early, parked at Nu Sentral (RM5 weekend flat rate, since I read and heard that on site parking is nonexistent there, LRT would be closed by then, street parking if you're lucky, the GRAB ride was gonna be RM10 after the coupon code), stopped at Uniqlo (to use up a voucher) and having dinner at MTR (story for another post, maybe?) before finally making my way over on foot. Checking in was painless as long as you remembered to bring your phone and have the Peatix app on it. You also got a different coloured stamp on your hand depending on how much you paid. While it was my first time at TFA (after all these years), having this many Chinese people in Brickfields doesn't happen too often?

Because it's free seating, lines have already formed at least half an hour before the doors opened. Grr. Doors opened about 8.45 p.m. (maybe?). It was probably 9.15 p.m. when the house lights finally came down (and many doctor-related classic rock songs?). There were also cameras set up because he's hoping to sell the special to a certain streaming service (*coughNetflixcough*). Good luck to him there. (To his credit, he had mentioned through emails, etc, that some of the shows would be recorded for this purpose and offered to change tickets if you didn't want to go on record). The most I could do in this case is sit somewhere hoping I won't be on camera or at the very least erm, saboh the footage some?

Unobstructed enough for me lah
Jenhan opened and brought out his Uzbek material to close his set. Lucky we didn't have long to wait until Jason finally came on stage. The set was a mix of old and new material - remember what I said earlier about him trying to sell the show to distributors? - so if you've seen his last show (You Stupid or What?) or him at open mics/Crackhouse in the last few months since... you get the idea.

There's (as always with Malaysian comedy anyway) some race and politics humour. He did a long bit erm, dissing traditional medicine and doctors (even PhD holders), closed on the racism he experienced while on holiday in NZ.

I admit, I skedaddled pretty quickly afterwards to get back to the car. Got home around midnight, it took me so long to get to the car. Luckily the parking lot was still open when I got back.

I believe there's still seats for Sunday's show (I don't know if it's because of Jo Koy's show) if you hurry...