Sunday, 20 May 2018

Week 20, 2018

Former PM's residences (even his kids' residences) getting raided by the cops was all anyone is talking about, especially the famed handbag collection consisting of multiple Hermes Birkins. I hope the bag collection will be on the auction block some day. 

Puasa started on Thursday this week. Cue me swinging by IKEA for lunch at some point during the month. 
  • New gahmen also announced this week that GST will be scrapped and bringing ye olde SST back. So in between, GST is currently 0%. Some retailers are getting a head start by offering 6% discount...
  • Royal wedding was this weekend. 
  • Project Runway coming back to Bravo for the next couple of seasons... yay.
  • I'd be darned if Beni didn't win this season of Masterchef Junior.
  • Dragged the sibling to the Deadpool 2 preview screening on Tuesday. 
  • RIP, Margot Kidder.
  • Robbery happened in Atria this week and shots were fired. 
  • Yay Harvey Birdman special...!
  • It was announced this week that both Jo Koy and Jimmy Carr will be performing in KL later this year, with the ticket sales starting next week. But very shrewd of them to set the ticket sales on two different days. I'm wondering if I could just get both on the later date cos I really don't want to pay the RM10 transaction fee twice leh...