Thursday, 7 December 2017

2017 Big Bad Wolf Books Sale (Preview)

Thankfully got a preview pass without too much fuss (thanks - you know who you are!). Didn't fuck up the lane choice (don't get me started on the road system in the area - wrong lane choice means you end up someplace else altogether), which is always a good thing.

It was congested AF inside (especially at the fiction area cos it's the first place you see when you walk in) and it was just preview day. I don't know how much worse it'll be once it opens to the public tomorrow on. I also thought it was damn hot and stuffy inside and glad to hear that it wasn't just me feeling it. Don't know if the air conditioning was wonky or if it was from having so many people in there at once. Thankfully it wasn't so congested in the non-fiction area. 

And this was (as usual) after skipping the kids' books, Malay and Chinese books areas. I was only there a couple hours tops before I checked out. Thankfully the line to pay was fast moving cos there were a lot of cashier counters like they always do. 

Yup supermarket trolleys this year.

Hard to attempt this alone unless you either have a big appetite, a big eater or worked up an appetite after walking around. They're meant for sharing.

Took long enough for them to put out browsing copies so that people don't mess up all the saleable copies

Fiction area a bit congested cos it's the first area you see when you walk in

My haul. Thankfully not a lot.

Found a signed first edition for RM10 (it was RM20 in second home, so just grab je)

  • Parking at MIECC this year: RM3 for weekdays, RM5 for weekends and public holidays. If you have leave to use up, use it. 
  • Saw the Thai dessert pop up, but the menu items are limited to the day and also not something to be attempted unless you're starving, a big eater, or have people to share with. 
  • BYO bags or luggage cos they're also charging 20 cents for plastic bags. 
Only left the area around 3 something after the annual visit to the mall next door for lunch, etc. Feet were sore and wanted to leave before rush hour. Traffic in the Sri Kembangan area already sucks and it wasn't even rush hour, so I thought it would be better to GTFO while I could.