Saturday, 23 September 2017

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

When casting news of the Americans for this movie came out, I was like 😕?? OF COURSE they were gonna have an American Kingsman counterpart... 
  • Poppy kinda reminds me of the Mom character from Futurama.. just with more bad mum puns. 
  • That's a very nice London black cab... 
  • Nice bit of continuity from the first film, having Eggsy and the kinky Swedish princess still together.. and him not having to hide his job from her...?
  • That would explain how only Eggsy and Merlin survived the annihilation of Kingsman. 
  • I suppose how they brought back Colin Firth's character made SOME sense...?
  • If my cover was a whiskey distillery in Kentucky and my code name was Champagne, I'd go by Champ too. It was jarring to see a clean shaven Jeff Bridges.
  • I think most of the budget went to paying the Oscar winners for what seems to be a few days work. And the CG effects. 
  • Channing Tatum was probably in the movie 10 minutes tops, because his character was out for most of the movie. So was Jeff Bridges and Halle Berry. 
  • Speaking of glorified cameos, Sir Michael Gambon was also in this for about 5 minutes tops as the new Arthur... before he got blown up. 
  • Apparently in the Kingsman universe, you can survive a head shot one...😒
  • The lightsaber-esque lasso is no joke. 
  • 😧 Alamak, Merlin...! 😭
  • I like how the Kingsman's Doomsday protocol is basically a bottle of Statesmen's whiskey but the latter's is just the Kingsman's umbrella. Watching Mark Strong cry drinking the Statesmen whiskey is freaking hilarious.  
  • A lot of Chekov's gun in this movie. 
  • I was kind of wondering how Elton John plays out in this movie... pretty hilariously, for the most part. 
  • If Channing Tatum's Tequila moves to England to join Kingsman, does this mean he'll be in the third movie? Does this mean that Eggsy won't be? Will Tequila change code names to a more Kingsman-esque code name?
  • Does this mean Harry gets to be Arthur now, or will he still be Galahad since Eggsy's departure?
  • Wait, does Eggsy get to be a Swedish prince now...?
Honestly, I thought it ran a little long. But I don't hate it.