Sunday, 6 August 2017

Week 31, 2017

Took a self-declared 5 day weekend because I felt like it.
  • Major house repainting and minor repairs for the last couple of weeks. Most of the facade painting was done by the family (I mean my mother's side of the family that's in PJ) contractor/handyperson, which took a while because he was doing it all by himself and he a bit the perfectionist one.
  • Saw Baby Driver over the self-declared long weekend. Not sure if I'll get around to watching Dunkirk or not.
  • Checked out History Con at MAEPS on Saturday.
  • @midnight finished it's run on it's 600th episode this week 😢
  • Ta Ta Towel is a nice idea... the price tag however, is a different matter.
  • Who asked for a Miami Vice reboot lah?
  • They started filming the third Johnny English movie.