Saturday, 5 August 2017

History Con Malaysia

I won tickets to History Con Malaysia happening at MAEPS Serdang, thanks to OBike Malaysia.

The only time I watch the History Channel was because the old bean wants to either watch Pawn Stars, Storage Wars or American Pickers. If I wanted to waste more time, I might watch Forged in Fire, but you know... 

After the usual two tolls from PJ, we got there to find out that there are two parking options: RM15 for "Premium Parking" but it's a shorter walk (not in the afternoon sun it is) 😒 or RM5 and it's further but you get to ride the MAEPS open air trams right up to the front and don't have to walk. 

Had to find the OBike kids outside to collect the tickets and was asked to show them the actual comment I left. After I gave the "do you know how long it's going to take me to find that...?" spiel, they just gave it to me anyway. 

There's a bunch of food trucks outside, so you won't starve or die of thirst. Saw a truck selling mushroom based items, even mushroom lekor, but wasn't hungry enough to try so I have no idea if it was any good or not. 

Anyway, made our way inside, and... there's a lot of booths and it's not just booths of certain History Channel shows (or even thematically related like the booths selling vintage items in reference to all the pawn shows) but also other event sponsors like erm, Benefit Cosmetics (they were having a sale on their old packaging items), Watsons, Pos Malaysia (go figure), etc. There's even a booth offering quick massages (there's also a massive Ogawa booth with all their massage chairs) there, but never got to try it since I'm not sure if non Muslimah can go for it or not...?  When we were there we did see Horny Mike and gang and Harith Iskander. 

Was too lazy to take pictures of everything, so here's pretty much all I took when I was there... 

Frankly, I don't know why Masterchef Australia is even involved in this erm, convention - that show is on Lifetime Asia...?
After wandering around, we got done in time to catch MasterChef Australia judge Matt Preston's cooking demo. Apparently after every main stage event, there's a meet and greet but there was a quota that I didn't know about until I was asked about tokens. Took the hint and went home afters. 

While it was not a bad way to kill a couple of hours, but I don't know about paying at least RM20 for tickets. I mean there's definitely something for everyone: cars and other stereotypically male interests, as well as things ladies might ooh and ahh at, but still. Cheapest ticket was RM20 for one day and I'm not crazy enough to go all three days.