Monday, 14 August 2017

Faber Castell Malaysia Warehouse Sale

Checked out the Faber Castell Malaysia warehouse sale over the weekend with the sibling. I wasn't looking to get anything really, but just thought I would tag along to see the clusterfuck that was the sale on Sunday. (Couldn't go on Saturday; not a sale I would go myself)

Their version of "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here"

For the turnout, 9 cashier counters was NOT ENOUGH. Apparently some people were there for several hours on Saturday, most of which was spent lining up to pay. If it was me, I would rather leave empty handed. 

Some people brought their elderly parents and/or grandparents because after Saturday's mess, they added seperate lanes for seniors, pregnant ladies and the disabled and also an express lane (10 items or less, but no receipt will be issued, which is fine for personal use) for people not buying in bulk. Apparently a lot of people got their haul for free (and probably saved A LOT of money) late Saturday because they were closing and would probably take all night if they checked everyone out. At least, that's what I got from some of the Facebook comments about the event. 

In honesty, it probably took about an hour in line (well, for the sibling anyway; I was just standing under one of the giant fans trying not to get a heat headache). And yes, I saw one kid affected by the heat - passing out, feeling nauseous, etc. I don't know why these parents thought that bringing their kids to a warehouse sale was a good idea... 😒 I got him a can of 100-Plus before he passes out from the heat too. 

Prices were cheap, but not cheap enough to endure the heat and the clusterfuck of it all like that. A lot of people were getting the more than one of the UHU DIY kit (which didn't have the actual UHU product) for reasons beyond me. Yes they were RM3, but why lah buy so many...?

Luckily there was a Lipton booth on the grounds and got a cold cup of teh tarik on the way out. (It was samples for everyone, but if you liked a Facebook post, you get a proper cup of cold teh tarik)