Sunday, 30 July 2017

Week 30, 2017

  • Bruno Mars and James Blunt are performing in Malaysia next year. Guess who I'm more excited by. 
  • Had fun bitching about the past season of Masterchef Australia on Twitter, and congrats to the winner.
  • Been binge-listening to a new podcast, Part Time Genius, hosted by the co-founders of mental_floss magazine (which got bought by a publishing company some years ago, have since gone web only)...
  • You have to be really close to your bros if you think a "brosectomy" seems like a good bonding experience 😆
  • RIP, iPod nano and shuffle. I've gone through a few nanos over the years and had that one shuffle that looked like a pack of gum. 
  • Saw Atomic Blonde on Saturday. Not sure if I want to watch Dunkirk and/or Baby Driver...
  • After a whole load of noise, TPTB finally declared that Malaysians are exempted from paying the "tourism tax" and that foreign tourists will be charged RM10. Aiyah, RM10 is sap sap sui if you earn first world money lah...
  • I'm not sure how Iron Chef Showdown is gonna pan out, but I know I'll be watching. Allez cuisine!!!