Sunday, 2 July 2017

Week 26, 2017

With Raya being on Sunday and Monday, Tuesday became a replacement holiday. If you thought the Monday blues was annoying, try having to go back to work on hump day Wednesday. I only went back to work for the office A/C. 

It's the 4th of July weekend in America, which means there's nothing new to watch... kinda. 

So I've been catching up on the latest season of Masterchef Australia since, for some reason, we don't get the Lifetime Asia channel at home any more. In all fairness, Masterchef was the only show I would watch on the channel. There are other ways around it, so I'm not too fussed, but this means I've got about 40-something episodes to watch, even after skipping the group challenge episodes and only watching the recaps ("Previously on...") in the beginning. In case anyone cares or is wondering, the contestants with Malaysian connections (one Sydney-sider who's parents are from Sibu, the other grew up in JB) are still in the competition. 
  • Don't know why they've never imposed a fine for losing your passport before until recently. Another way to fill the coffers, I guess. 
  • For anyone who's taken the 3 work days to get the entire week off... good for you. 
  • Finally bought a box of the cheese flavoured Taiwan Original Cake. It's fine if you like baulu. Still struggling to finish. 
  • Finally explored Jalan Jalan Japan in middle of nowhere Subang. 
  • Sunday was the local TK Bakery's 30% storewide one day promo.