Saturday, 29 July 2017

Atomic Blonde

I accidentally read about the twist ending before going to see this, which kinda potong-ed my steam, but helped with finding the clues dropped throughout the movie. 

Because the director was also a stunt guy and coordinator, you know the action sequences are gonna be mindblowing. Which also meant that I was watching those same action sequences through my fingers or looking away because I really don't have the stomach for them. 
  • Nice product placement, Dior 😒
  • If you grew up in the 1980s, you might get a kick out of the soundtrack. 
  • Charlize Theron had the most unconvincing English accent ever. Which made sense considering the ending...?
  • I wonder if McAvoy's Sinead O'Connor hair had anything to do with the last X-Men movie...🤔
  • When they read out the skills in her dossier, I knew the "hand to hand combat" skill was going to be used. LIKE A LOT.
  • At least the post fight fatigue is real in the movie (like the Wick movies); I never bought that you can fight so many guys and not feel tired or get bruised. 
  • They really kick the balls in this movie.
  • "I haven't lost a package yet" 😂😂😂 Laugh die me because that's not the case.
If you liked the John Wick movies, you might enjoy Atomic Blonde because it's directed by one of the guys who directed the first John Wick movie. It's a bit macam John Wick, but minus the ridonk dog avenging premise. Read this if you've seen the movie.

Also, not for kids and minors.