Saturday, 8 July 2017

2017 JPO Jaunt

Firefly gave out limited time RM50 e-vouchers after I had already bought my flight to Singapore. There wasn't any where else I wanted to go, so I booked a day trip to JB, taking into account the mid year sale, etc. The round trip flight was cheaper than gas, toll and about 8 hours of driving (audiobook length). Today was the day. 

Decided on a 10 a.m. flight out, which sounded great in theory... until they had to close the runway at Subang Airport and for almost an hour, no flights were coming or going (yup, planes can't land either). I don't know why they let the 9 am flights go, but not after that. We only actually departed at around 11 a.m., which was fine because I allocated more time there this trip anyway. 

JB was, indeed, very cloudy yesterday
By the time we landed, I decided to just get lunch at the airport (Subway, if you can believe it) and took an Uber out (there's apparently complimentary buses from the airport to JPO, but the schedule was 😬) which only cost me RM1.20 after the RM7 promo code. 

In a pinch, I can cover the place in 1.5 hours or less because there's only a few shops that I really want to go to. But since I got there after 1 p.m. and had 3, 4 hours tops I really went around. There's some families dressed to the nines in Raya gear, which I have to give them props for. I went two circuits, upstairs and downstairs. I went into some shops twice. I also sat in Coffee Bean for what I would consider a really long time. I even paid the 10% dine in surcharge.

Then I got a text saying that the return flight to Subang was "retimed" to 6.40 p.m (which I guess was the domino effect from this morning). Great. I was already pretty much done by 4 something and it was a somewhat productive trip: I found a wallet that I had been looking for to no avail in KL (the stock was from Singapore, cis) and a pair of Levi's that I'm not sure I could find cheaper in the second home. So I killed some more time nursing a bottle of juice in Starbucks in an effort to cool down and rehydrate. 

Got a Grab car back (RM5 off because Raya promo code) to the airport around 5 something and by the time I got there, I was just in time to check in for the flight and go through the screenings. I even had time to use the Subway receipt from earlier to buy a cookie, get a cookie. 

Only got home around 8 p.m. and suffered a terrible headache (heat, dehydration or both).