Sunday, 4 June 2017

Week 22, 2017

Weather still hot as balls, but great if you sell and/or repair air conditioners or are laundry. Between the Memorial Day weekend and also the TV summer hiatus, there is nothing new to watch, so had to dig into the comedy specials rabbit hole to pass the time. 
  • Every time I open the Facebook app (on devices, not desktop), they keep giving me sunset times because it's Ramadhan. Erm, is it a location thing or are they being racist...? 
  • Saw Wonder Woman on Friday. 
  • Saw my eigth consecutive MACC show on Thursday. 
  • Am kinda glad that PJ's tiniest roundabout (that perhaps every PJ resident has unknowingly driven over at some point at least once before they raised it in recent years) is turning into a traffic junction: people get a bit cut throat at roundabouts and are rarely courteous. 
  • After at least 15 years, I finally ported out (effectively giving up the old IOX plan) of Celcom and to U Mobile. Hello, data plan? 
  • Mother finally got her prize from the Pacific West people, a couple months later. 
  • Finally got a new phablet that's under RM400. However, had to get a SIM card upgrade because I still had the old one (Tune Talk) and had not upgraded to the 4G one.