Friday, 23 June 2017

SSR Curry House, ANZGAM Clubhouse

Had no idea until recently that there was a change in management of the banana leaf rice lunch (now run by SSR Curry House) at ANZGAM Clubhouse near Astaka until someone tipped me off (you know who you are). Since was in the area, we had a damn early lunch there (like, 11.30 a.m. early). 

Nice spread
Day's veg dishes
Yup, got banana also.

Total bill was RM26, and that comprised of the basic veg meal for two (yup, parboiled/Indian rice also available), chicken 65, Bru coffee (hot and cold), and one portion of yogurt. Kinda wished we got a detailed receipt so we know how much was what. 

Didn't get any papadam or rasam despite being there so early, but I suppose there's always next time...?