Tuesday, 6 June 2017

New phablet + trip to the Leagoo Service Centre

My old Samsung phablet finally died a few months ago after three years. Apparently, the combination of very drained battery + neglect in charging = cannot switch on AT ALL = bye, bye phablet. All things considered, it had a good run.  

After some searching, pondering, hem-ming and haw-ing, I settled on a Leagoo Leapad 7S (because it was running the latest Android software that a lot of other phablets weren't) from Shoppu, but only because of their RM30 coupon code when you subscribe to the newsletter (it's now RM25 just recently, so I lucked out when I DM-ed them on Facebook about the lack of coupon code) and it was available there. Waiting for that to arrive took a few days cos it was getting verified and shipped from Kota Bharu, of all places. It finally arrived on a Tuesday, because I wasn't at work on that day. 

Once I got my paws on it, I fucked up by trying to stuff the small SIM card into the tray when it only takes regular SIM cards and... I couldn't get it out, try as I may. Cis. So I had to go to the service centre, which is in some industrial part of Shah Alam that I've not been to before because I might void the warranty if I did it myself, so better them than me. 

While it didn't take long for them to (presumably) unscrew the back to get it out (which was covered by those stickers are say if you break them, your warranty will be voided, so...), luckily I had brought the new, correct sized SIM card along and inserted it before leaving... only to have it not detected by the phablet. So it went on another trip upstairs for them to get that sorted. It was a good thing we hadn't left yet. But they got it to work properly again and we were on our merry way. 

So far, so good.