Thursday, 1 June 2017

MACC - Now That's What I Call Jokes Vol. 8

Instead of actual printed tickets this year, they went with the event and ticketing app system Peatix. I'm only upset because I'm a sucker for physical tickets (and who needs another app they're ever gonna use like, a few times a year?), so it was a bit the potong steam for me. But luckily, once you have your ticket QR code on the screen, switch to other apps and switch back, your QR code will be there and you won't have to reload it again if you don't have a data plan. Also unlike some other apps, I don't need to increase screen brightness for the QR code scan at the door. 

I'm also a little sad they don't have a booze sponsor this year: I was just getting used to being able to erm, "sample" drinks before the show. 

Just as I was trying to get over sitting so close to the stage (still a better view than the balcony), I then found out that Douglas's wife was: a) in attendance, and b) was gonna be sitting next to me. Eep. The show didn't sell out, but that was because not a lot of people went with the balcony seating... and also because it was a Thursday night and people still had work the next day. Someone even brought their KID to the show. Not just any kid, but an infant, who made a commotion from the back and the parents took turns bringing the kid out a few times during the show. 

Show only started at 9.15 p.m. 

Jason: If you went to his first solo show earlier in the year, you are not missing anything. Particularly about the people who show off business class travel on social media. You know the ones 😒

Chi Ho: He spent 10 minutes of his time addressing the ticketing issues which apparently got a lot of complaints (he's the one who responds to you on MACC's social media, so be nice), especially the inability to choose seats. (Which I'm just remembering now cos I bought a ticket so long ago, but yeah, like motherfucking SISTIC, the system generates a seat option for you based on price and number of tickets). His actual set? His discovery of the hair around the butthole. (If there's a medical term for it, I can't be arsed to Google it now and feel free to enlighten me if such a term exists). The guy was trying to get the crowd for admit they also have hair there, but most of us weren't biting. 

Jenhan: He came out with an ankle cast as he sprained his ankle. Some of the rest of the set I remember from when he opened for Eddie Izzard not too long ago. And his trip to Uzbekistan. 

Douglas: He talked about his experience filming the movie Soulmate Hingga Jannah (which came out this past February), which wasn't great from the get-go because it was pretty out there and ludicrous. He also touched on his time in the Melbourne and Sydney comedy festivals and how ridiculously nice Australian people are. His mention of the Papparich in Melbourne reminded me of the cousin-in-law's obsession with the place as there isn't one in Sydney, which cracked me up big time. 

Show ended at 11 p.m. Grabbed a free poster on the way out but didn't stay to get it signed or anything.. cos I managed to keep under the 3 hour limit and only paid RM2, bwahaha...!!