Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Goodbye Celcom, Hello U Mobile?

After at least 15 years (?!), I ported out of Celcom and into U Mobile. I gave up a really old prepaid plan (which they don't even offer any more and I don't know how many people still have that plan in 2017) while I don't hate the long validity (RM30/50 for one/two years), but everything else was of its time (33 cents a call, chargeable data, etc; free 10 second calls, 10 minutes internet, etc). It wasn't doing it for me any more.

The only telco that still offers a one year validity for prepaid that I know of is Tune Talk.  

Anyhow, it took me awhile to slowly drain the credit I had before porting in, which I finally did last Friday (self-declared three-day weekend). 

Waited way too long on a working Friday afternoon at the Pyramid store. 

When it was my turn, the guy attending to me was just back from a cigarette break and seemed more tired than the people who were actually fasting.

Long story short...
  • There was a form to fill out.
  • I had to pay RM10.60 because I needed a nano SIM card. I was told if it would be free if it was the other sizes... 😒
  • First bill would be two months' worth + RM10 stamp duty. 😬😨
  • Got the text message to switch the SIM card out about 24 hours after the port-in request, but I also wasted RM5 on an ill-timed reload. 😤
But on the plus side: Unlimited calls, apps (FB, Instagram, Twitter, Waze), music streaming.

Con: Separate charges for sent text messages, which is gonna be annoying for any SMS contest that I want to join... 😒