Sunday, 28 May 2017

Week 21, 2017

Fasting month started yesterday. I hope to be able to go to IKEA for lunch at some point and not have it be so damn crowded like it is the rest of the year.
  • RIP, Sir Roger Moore.
  • The road resurfacing in the neighbourhood continues this week. They started near the schools a couple days ago, but now that it's the school holidays, maybe they can proceed unimpeded? 
  • Tous Le Jours closed shop this week. Yep, all of them. Can't say I was surprised. 
  • Because it's Memorial Day weekend in America and also because of the annual TV hiatus, there's nothing new to watch. Le sigh. 
  • Apparently this famous Taiwanese bottled tea drink has made its way to Malaysia and only available in selected 7-Elevens across the country. Until this past week, I never noticed the actual store number is right there on the glass entrances before. And also how many 7-Eleven stores there are in ONE commercial area; I totally didn't realise that there were THREE different ones in Damansara Utama/Uptown alone.