Sunday, 14 May 2017

Week 19, 2017 - Mother's Day

Whether you celebrate or not, it's Mother's Day in some countries. Mine spent her morning supervising the installation of the new A/C unit (the compressor on the old one's busted, but it was probably cheaper to buy and install a new one than to fix), before going to get groceries in the afternoon. Luckily there's new AC in place or else it's gonna be sticky AF now. Also, the guy who installed it also took away the old one (presumably to fix and resell), so no worries about disposing the old one. 
  • Saw Mew on Wednesday night. 
  • Wednesday was Wesak.
  • Apparently the state has a neutering/spaying subsidy for pets and stray cats and dogs. 
  • Kinda glad that Scandal is ending after a 7th season. 
  • In "old shows getting revived" news: apparently Dynasty is next. Eh seriously, they should also consider reviving Airwolf lah... 
  • If anyone has a wall of Krispy Kremes at their wedding, I would happily pay for the angpau :P