Monday, 22 May 2017

Spotlight store opening, MyTOWN Cheras

Dragged the sibling back to MyTOWN because the Spotlight store there is having their grand opening. By the time we got there, the free pillows were gone, but we did get these souvenir koala bears when we walked in. 

One of the door buster promos is the RM10 bed pillows that people seem to be buying in bulk; I get that they're cheap, but unless you run some BnB or plan on reselling, where can you keep them...? 

I also wanted to use the coupon I got in the mail and I wasn't sure if I could make it to Ampang before it expired. Used it to get another stain remover and because the place was having a grand clearance, a rubber stamp cleaner that's 30% off. Can't complain lah

Solved the parking fee problem by just buying a RM1.50 shopping bag at IKEA. Now I know you can get the parking rebate there too.

Also didn't stay too long because mum was making nasi lemak for lunch, so...