Sunday, 23 April 2017

Week 16, 2017

As I type this, I'm waiting for the guys to finish wallpaper-ing some of the rooms here at work (tad too disruptive to do over the work week cos you need to move furniture around). I suppose this beats me hanging around at home sweating it out, here at least I can leave the AC running for everyone's comfort. 

Forgot that it's a long weekend (tomorrow being the holiday to celebrate the new Agong's installation). Was wondering  why roads are still busy-ish when there's a long weekend happening. And next weekend is also another long weekend... erm, yay I guess? This just means my work week just got cut short as it's also the end of the month. 
  • Took Food Network long enough to (kinda) revive the Iron Chef brand with their new competition show Iron Chef Gauntlet. I just think after years of not getting to eat the food on Iron Chef America all those years, AB is now the "Chairman" so he gets to eat at least some of the time now, haha. 
  • The Alphabet Press up the road from the office is having their pre-renovation sale this past weekend (and the next). Got some postcards on Saturday and made off with the last of these, which I wanted for the longest time. 
  • Aaron Kwok finally got married... on a Tuesday. Even if it's about the fengshui, it's still a cheapskate move. 
  • Finally received replacement Liquid Paper from Newell Rubbermaid (I returned them by courier back in January). 
  • Swapped more empty sanitary pad packaging for pantiliners (so far I've got 4, 5 of them?). This time the promoters had people write their names and numbers down now haha. 
  • Uniqlo was giving away free Airism pieces at their ground event in the second home. The piece I got wasn't something I would normally wear (camisole) or wear on its own (you can't wear Airism on their own), so I gave it to Mum.