Friday, 7 April 2017

Phua Chu Kang and Friends Comedy Show

Was comped (FB contest) last minute tickets to see the one-night only Phua Chu Kang (PCK, a way funnier Larry the Cable Guy, IMO) and Friends show at HGH Convention Centre in Sentul. I drove myself there (ran out of kaki at my age... 😔) and was relieved to have gotten the mid range tickets, which are about RM200 each. I would say that is beh pai and also beggars can't be choosers.. but the balcony seating SUCKS BALLS.

The only good thing about going there alone is that I can do what I want - within reason. Being pretty far behind, I got away with being online (yes, there's free WiFi) some of the time when my attention was slipping. I could also move seats because the show didn't sell out. 

Because Somersby is a sponsor, the promoters were giving out cider samples all night long. I wasn't too shy about refilling the sample cup 😂. There's also a free flow of popcorn (I don't know if it had anything to do with the producing company being called Popcorn Studios) - I had about 3 cups full myself but had to stop because it was aggravating my throat. 

Literally between two of the most expensive seating
Kael and the Gangster Squad was the musical act of the evening, playing mostly covers with ONE Kael original (in Malay). 

If anyone came to the show expecting PCK to do standup, they're sadly mistaken: Gurmit is staying in his lane with the extended emcee/hosting duties, all while still dressed as PCK. He was mostly doing crowd work, getting people to participate in games and giving stuff away (one of the more prominent prizes was a carton of COWA RTD coconut water (also a sponsor, with samplings going on outside). He also broke character and brought Gurmit back during the charity bit of the show after intermission. But the fler was tears down the face funny lah, so no complaints. He also sang Manilow's "Mandy", which is hilarious after what happened this past week and also the Ronan Keating classic "When You Say Nothing At All". It's not easy watching the man sing with the PCK getup.

The ventriloquist Joseph Then is a damn hoot. His puppets are named (I shit you not) Ah Beng, Fried Chicken (yep, a chicken dummy) and Master Wong. 

Fakkah Fuzz was the last act. In a comedy show, he would be a headlining act. As usual, his act does involve saying things that would offend/poke fun at every one every other punchline.