Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Mustafa Centre, Singapore

The only reason I know this place existed is from one of Anthony Bourdain's shows, The Layover where he only had less than 48 hours in each place... Also I had a few things I wanted to see was there or not.

So I finally got to check it out with a local friend (who wanted to get some things before going back to Australia the next night) after the Coldplay concert, which was after 10 pm by then. If you want a shorter walk, you get out at Farrer Park MRT station. 

Man, the place was bustling at that hour. I saw a lot of familiar brands and things I could probably get back home for a literally a fraction of the price there, as well as brands I haven't seen for a really long time. As usual, I just stuck to looking for things I couldn't get back home. 

I don't know how cheap the electronics are in Mustafa compared to the rest of Singapore, but unless you're local it can't really be worth it because it's local warranty only. 

There's a no photography/big bags rule inside, but it's so crowded we just walked by. So stuck to a few choice items.  

Anyone remembered the KLIM brand? Man it's been years... 

Err, ew...?

Jackpot! Grabbed one of each; it should last me quite a while.
Hilariously enough, they're made in Russia, so insert your own joke here.
I was only there less than 2 hours, but am definitely coming back the next chance I get by myself because I definitely didn't cover the whole place. The place is so vast, just when I thought I was done, it just keeps going and it's a different section on the same floor. I don't know what time Bourdain shot that segment, but it definitely wasn't from 10 pm to midnight.

Smallest/travel size tub of Vaseline EVER. Coin for reference.

Got me some of this. Hope it's good.

This should last me a good while. Just got to finish the ones I got from Sydney all those years ago first...

If nothing else... because the place is so vast, you can pay for your stuff at any of the cashiers inside, regardless of which section or floor you got them from.