Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams Tour (Singapore)

I would've gotten this out sooner, but life happens and got in the way. Better late than never, etc.

Thanks to a local friend (who scored tickets during the Citibank presale months ago with the husband's card haha), we got numbered seating on the Guy side of the stadium (too old to mosh pit/stand long time liao lah). Was supposed to meet one of the other ladies (who was there earlier to scout for merch) holding my ticket at the food court in Kallang Wave Mall, which was busy and crowded as heck. As I didn't have lunch, I wolfed down a chicken rice. We only had to take the escalator one floor to the stadium entrances. I've never been to the stadium, either before or after the rebuild. So this was a first for me.

As people were still making their way in...

Had to return these after the show. Just as well since they don't work outside of a show,
so there's no point keeping it. 
100,000 Xylobands all lit up... or half that, anyway.

Xylobands in action.

To whoever lost their pin, I got it, haha.... (I had two greens, but swapped one with one of the companions)

I don't know if it was because it rained earlier or if there was air conditioning inside, but it was pretty comfortable once inside. 

Thanks to social media (and also the second show the day before), we already knew what merch was left and what time the shows started and ended. (Coldplay started at 8 p.m. and was done by 10 p.m.)

Merchandise: Only the Large and XLarge t-shirts were left, which is great for fatsos like yours truly (which I think ran a little small anyway). All the cheaper items like tote bags, caps, keychains etc were long gone. Even the hoodies were gone on Friday, and those weren't cheap either. I couldn't make up my mind and ended up getting both a men's and women's tee shirts. There goes S$100 😭

No wonder they were telling people to come 2 hours earlier - the line to go in is CRAZY at every single entrance (except ours where there's no line, which kinda reminded me of Malaysia, haha). The bag checks also took a while. And the ticket scanners were like the ones at Star Theatre: one scan of the ticket barcode and there's no re-entering. 

Opening act: Jess Kent, who played a few songs and GTFO quickly.

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I admit, I almost cried when they played Charlie Brown (which, if nothing else, was the ONE SONG I die die must experience in person). Because there was WiFi in the stadium, I tried streaming it on FB, but the connection was pretty sporadic. 

The only thing I was disturbed by was the ground shaking under my feet cos everyone was jumping at the same time. 😱😬 I know they just rebuilt the stadium, but the workmanship shoddy leh

The crowd control AFTER the concert was amazing: they made sure that everyone didn't just overwhelm the ticket gantries at the Stadium MRT station (which didn't pan out cos the next day my ez-link didn't go through, so the uncle behind the glass window had to deduct the cheapest fare before I could tap in again).