Thursday, 6 April 2017

Changing the ez-link card

How was the rest of the time in Singapore? As usual, me trying to squeeze in too much in too little time left me exhausted. 

Before I could do anything else (like leave the airport), I had to change my expired ez-link card. The one year I never go Singapore is when the damn thing expires... ish. Was told to go to the ticket office, basically just a glass booth away from the ticket gantries. I missed the free exchange time window, if there was one. It cost S$3 (deducted from the balance in the card) to change it. Luckily the balance on the old card wasn't all forfeited, so finding out I had almost S$20 (after a S$10 top up) was a nice surprise. 

Nicer surprise was the design I got (they've been releasing a lot of cartoon designs for ez-link cards lately)... Batgirl/Batwoman/Babs Gordon.

At least I won't need to hide it with a card sticker for the next 5 years... perhaps that's why the cartoony designs in recent years (at the moment, it's the Sanrio characters). Maybe they also want to discourage the card sticker market as well...? 😒

Anyhow, better than the generic ugly ones that the card sticker market was for, haha.

PS. I wish there's a way to check transactions online as a non-Singaporean, but I can't register without Singaporean ID. Let's just hope I don't misplace the card in the mean time...