Thursday, 13 April 2017

Bobby Compact - Review

Bought a Bobby Compact during one of Lazada's flash sales last month. It's supposedly the smaller version of the original Bobby, which made a lot of (crowdfunding) news headlines when it was on Kickstarter. It has a built in rain cover (in a pocket under the bag) and a packable tote bag (which I never opened, let alone use). 

The verification alone took a long time and after I called customer support to ask what happened and told them I want to use it for a trip, I only received the bag literally the day before the trip. I don't know if me calling them sped things up or not. A bit hard to road test something if the test subject is not available to test.

It came in a huge box and also had air bags in it to keep it from getting flat. Didn't take too many pictures of the thing when I got it, but for all intents and purposes, appears to be a legit bag. 

I didn't try to slash the bag (it's cut-proof), has plenty of hidden pockets (but never used or tried all of them), etc. There's no visible zips and openings on the outside as a theft-proof feature (it's all hidden, covered by your back; Singapore is probably not the best place to try that feature out), built in USB charging feature (slow if you're used to fast charging, ok in a pinch), horizontal luggage strap on the back (really handy, especially when you attach it to the extended luggage handle). I'm not a huge fan of the colourful front being made of PU leather. 

As much as I like the concept and the idea of this bag, I can't justify keeping it because it would take up a lot of space if I'm not using it and I wasn't planning on daily or even regular use. If I were to really buy this for keeps, I would probably get a different colour - I was paranoid about getting this bag dirty on the road test (especially as I was ambivalent about keeping it). 

Luckily I hadn't cut the tags off (which made it a tad awkward on the road test, but what the heck) and still had the packaging, so I made my first Lazada return ever. Fortunately I also just got my money back, so no harm no foul.