Sunday, 26 March 2017

Week 12, 2017

School holidays this week.
  • If you have an IHOP craving, there's one opening in Bangkok next month. That said, I've never stepped foot in an IHOP. 
  • Trust white people to find/use nangka as a pulled pork substitute...? 
  • Not even one full week after getting the car back from the body shop (for whole car painting), it got rear ended when Mum was driving it. My mother seriously needs a flower bath to buang sial. AND I need to get the reverse sensor fixed as well. Oy vey. 
  • Less than a week to go to the Coldplay concert, yay!
  • Anyone got started on their Cheng Beng yet? 
  • Saw Tales from the Jamban at KLPAC on Friday night. 
  • Got a free tote bag from Starbucks on Saturday night. 
  • Redeemed the complimentary car tyre balancing on Saturday morning, but still had to pay for the alignment cos you really can't do one without the other... or can you?
  • Wah lau, Radiohead's OK Computer is 20 years old already... 😕