Saturday, 25 March 2017

Tales from the Jamban

From the people that brought you Tales from the Bedroom, this time it's Tales from the Jamban. As usual, it's a show comprising of 10 short plays, ranging from 10 - 15 minutes (tops?) each.
Following three consecutive years of our annual sold-out series, Tales from the Bedroom, Big Nose Productions returns with a new series – Tales from the Jamban!
The first instalment of the series, Tales from the Jamban features 10 short plays - Load of Faith, Dude I Can’t Pee, Tandas Haram, Best Friends Do Shit Together, Eau De Toilette, Oh Lord Why Me, J.A.M.B.A.N, Jenaka Apakah Ini, Wallflower & Brother Long.
Written by 10 playwrights, the stories cover disgusting toilet antics, rip-roaring scenarios, poignant moments and unconventional advice all wrapped up in one wacky package.
Got an early bird ticket for opening night as I wasn't sure how my weekend was gonna shape up.

This was in the lobby...

Getting in this time was also pretty civilised, in that people started lining up, which was unheard of (for me, anyway). Even though it was free seating, I still managed to get myself a front row seat because I didn't want an obstructed view. 

The erm, set.
What I didn't realise was that this year, someone I went to school with was in the cast; I only put two and two together later, when I got home. In my defense, we were never classmates or even friends to begin with (not even on FB, even with all the mutual friends). I suppose it was just as well that I went on Friday night; I'm not sure if I want to bump into those "mutual friends" on Saturday or Sunday...😕 Also, the tell was the mention of the old secondary school in one of the plays. 

If nothing else, the plays were mostly comedic in nature (Toilet humour is for all ages one; there's even a few minors in the audience who laughed). I can't imagine a really sad or dramatic short play set in a bathroom (that said, one of the plays could've ended in the other direction). 

Some were okay/funny, others fell flat for me. I'm glad the rest of the audience found them funny, but at the expense of others not being able to hear what they were saying after because they didn't pause for applause/laughter...? There were a couple of the plays I didn't get, which could be just me, or from the day's mental fatigue: like the one where it became a version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire but in a bathroom, and also the one where the tourist has to choose between 5 different "toilets"/deities (I get it's about religion, but still). 

I don't know if there's gonna be further instalments of Tales from the Jamban, but I wouldn't put it past them. I also wouldn't be surprised if Tales from the Kitchen was next, but it would be a bit the obvious, lor.