Thursday, 9 March 2017

Pho Vietz, 1 Utama

Pho Vietz opened up in the second home recently and decided to have lunch there over the weekend. From what I overheard, it's a different team that runs this outlet and apparently the only difference from the one in Atria is portion size.

So I ordered a beef stew and iced drip coffee. They give you a seperate container of condensed milk (so you can tweak the sweetness) while the coffee drips slowly. 

Add your own condensed milk.
When I saw the tray of food, I was like... "oh shit". It's a lot of things on the tray at once, but for how much they're charging, you can't say it's overpriced. 

The rice was a bit too much for me to finish, the beef in the stew was mostly tendon. 

Portions a bit huge for me personally, but if you have a black hole of an appetite, though...