Saturday, 18 March 2017

First Impressions: MyTOWN Shopping Centre

Just as IPC is winding things down for its renovation exercise (the remaining shops have been having pre-renovation clearance sales for the last few weeks because it's just easier to get people to move product by buying than it is to pack and move everything out yourself), the mall that is next to the IKEA in Cheras opened this week: MyTOWN Shopping Centre. Not the catchiest name ever.

Because there was free parking for the next month since Thursday, opening promotions and what not, it's a good time as any to check the place out. 

For getting there on a Saturday afternoon, getting parking was pretty quick, with the RELA guys directing traffic. Though I think I would've gotten us there sooner (and cheaper) via Jln Tun Razak than the Waze directions. We had to drive all the way up to the roof for parking and the drive up is less stressful than it would be at Lot 10 because it was a two lane situation both ways. The road rage is real, even driving up the ramp to the parking lot, particularly if you're stuck behind a slow moving car. 

The mall is not fully occupied, maybe about half full? If you walk around, you might find little IKEA "pop ups" where they're selling snacks like chicken pie, curry puffs and drinks in the unoccupied spaces. 

As this mall is by the same management as IPC, some of the tenants might be familiar. And it's really a jump, hop, skip away from IKEA, so I got to go to the Cheras IKEA for the first time since it opened. Free parking with access to two different shopping experiences. And also reached my step goal of the day.

While you can't make calls or send texts, the mall wide Wi-Fi works a treat, so maybe VOIP call?

With Sunway Velocity just down the road, it's great for the people of Cheras. Me? Maybe not so much...