Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Dealing with Scholl Malaysia

I bought a pair of Scholl sandals at one of their warehouse sales last year (for about RM150?) and less than a couple of weeks into wearing them, this happens..

No, I don't have a baby toe talon. And because I bought it at a warehouse sale, I wasn't expecting a refund or exchange, I just wanted to let them know that their QC kinda sucks. 

So I messaged them on Facebook about it last month and so the long conversation started. As per SOP, I was asked if I still had the receipt (I didn't, cos I didn't think I would need it), etc etc. I left out the part where I had kept them under the bed for months before finally wearing them. So they told me to return them and let them look into it. 

It involved me having to drop the shoes off at the Sunway Pyramid outlet, which was a little far for me, but fine. 

Some weeks later (yesterday), someone finally called me. Long story short, because I bought them at warehouse sale and not full retail price, refund or exchange is not possible, which I understood. I was offered a RM50 voucher (the catch is the RM200 minimum spend on regular priced items) and gave them a mailing address upon request which was a better alternative than me going back to Pyramid to just collect the voucher.  

So I bought another pair of the same design at the last warehouse sale in Taman Tun not too long ago and they're now RM80. A couple weeks later the glue came undone as I was wearing them and they were alligator flapping. So I had to find a cobbler toot suite to do this Frankenstein job to them... 

It's not like anyone actually looks at other people's feet, so whatever.
In conclusion: Not so confident about buying Scholls any more especially as whatever adhesive was used was clearly not meant for the way I wear and walk in them.