Sunday, 12 February 2017

Week 6, 2017

We're now back to our regularly scheduled "hot as balls" weather. Ish.

With Thaipusam on Thursday, I decided to have a self-declared 4 day weekend.
  • The Chizza is now available in Singapore and people are complaining about the size of the actual thing (that it's smaller than a personal pan pizza). Hello, you can only butterfly the chicken so much lah
  • So Air Asia now has flights to Hawaii via Osaka. Erm, yay? RM1,000 (RM500 one way)... could be worse, I guess. 
  • Got my cleaning supplies prize in the post this week, haha.
  • Got the 10,000 steps in walking around Pavilion and that general area of Bukit Bintang on Thursday. Didn't make it to Sungei Wang. 
  • Finally cashed the hot stone massage voucher I won a couple months ago. Not sure if it was worth the full price or the hassle of going to The Gardens on a weekend. 
  • Swung by Da Men on Friday afternoon. All these months later, it's still boring as balls.