Sunday, 5 February 2017

Week 5, 2017

A lot of people are still on holiday this week, either of their own volition (what's a few days' leave?), or company closed for the week, etc. But not so much for the schoolchildren as school started up again on Wednesday. 
  • So much Chatime drama this past week. Now the franchisor is accusing the local franchisee of using "unapproved ingredients". WHAT UNAPPROVED INGREDIENTS?! Also, the new name is quite the mouthful :P 
  • Maternal side CNY buffet lunch at Pullman Hotel in Bangsar on Monday. Food was okay I guess, but I don't know about going back there again any time soon myself... There was supposed to be a potluck dinner on the same day, but that became a keropok lekor party instead cos people are still stuffed... so most of us munched on freshly fried keropok lekor while my mum and aunts got their annual mahjong game going. 
  • Genting Group's CNY luncheon on Sunday. Yup, up on the mountain.
  • The Kanna outlet in my neck of the woods is finally open! Whee...! Also had free lunch on Friday. 
  • Items at Daiso getting a 60-cent increase next month. If you're looking to stock up, you better start now. 
  • Finally got to try the Pablo mini cheesetarts. Edible lah, I suppose, considering the price... 😒
  • Found out this week that since the statewide plastic bag ban, people have been buying up so many of the IKEA blue bags (FRAKTA) that they (IKEA) had to put a hard limit on those (only 5 bags per transaction). Seriously, who's been hoarding them lah?