Monday, 6 February 2017

Trying out Awana Skyway

On the way up to Genting Highlands for their annual CNY luncheon do yesterday, we decided to try out the revamped cable car system, which is now at Awana Resort's front door (it used to be a little lower at Gohtong Jaya), appropriately named Awana Skyway instead of driving all the way to the top. 

The (future) Genting Premium Outlets (GPO) is also in the same area. Parking is also free at the moment (by that I mean at while the GPO construction is still going on). It's a walk from the car park to where the cable cars are across the road. 

Tickets are sold via kiosks with staff there to help the sesat out, with the counters set aside for tour groups and what not. If you're a Genting card member, you can (presumably) collect points too. Call me a cheapskate, but I'm not one to spring RM50 to ride the glass bottom gondolas. The normal gondolas pun boleh pakai lah

With the metal detectors, it kinda feels like going through airport security, but it wasn't working at the time so we just sashayed through.

It was a relaxing 10 minute ride, compared to the more harrowing longer drive up to the top. But walking from the new mall Sky Avenue to First World Hotel took another 10 minutes, as the lifts in Sky Avenue wasn't up and running yet.

The ticket readers at Awana wasn't up yet, so they had to manually punch holes in the ticket. Thankfully, the ones at Sky Avenue were up, so you just scan the ticket barcode. 

Technically the gondolas can hold 10 people, but they were letting 6 people in each standard gondola.

Yep, there's charging stations in the gondolas. Did not try to see if it works.
The actual ride was not bad, but the ventilation vents in the gondola are only coming in at the bottom, where your bottom (haha) is, as for some reason there's no air coming in the top vents, which made it stuffy what with the sunlight streaming in and I started sweating in the gondola. 

Chin Swee station. It's still quite a walk to the temple and back.

After Chin Swee station...

End of the line

FOX Studio construction. Far from complete.
By the time we went on the return trip, it was raining up top and we had to deal with getting rain on the head. 

It's a convenient option for getting to the top of Genting Highlands, but if you can't walk... maybe not so much. (Saw first hand when the system completely stopped moving. Asked the guy what happened and he told me it was "masalah teknikal", that maybe an older person was trying to get on or something.)